• 19 June 2020, 5 Comments
    In order to be able to use the Nitrokey FIDO2 even better, we have developed a new firmware 2.0 with the following new features:
  • 03 June 2020, 4 Comments
    The introduction today of passwordless authentication support in Nextcloud Hub is a big step forward for organizations that want to reduce or even eliminate the use of passwords. In addition to Windows Hello, Nextcloud Hub is the 2nd popular service (we are aware of) supporting passwordless logins. What does that look like, a password-less world with WebAuthn and Nitrokeys? Read on!
  • 28 May 2020, 13 Comments
    In these times of Corona and COVID-19, secure and trustworthy communication is more important than ever. Whether privately with friends and family, at school and university or at work. Do you trust proprietary applications of large tech companies with dubious data protection practices? Now we offer secure and free instant messaging and video conferencing with NitroChat and Nitrokey Meet.
  • 31 January 2020, 39 Comments
    Time flies. This week five years ago, Nitrokey was incorporated. Although our roots reach back to 2008 when the non-profit open source project "Crypto Stick" was started, 2015 marked the year of entering the business world. The mission: building the best open source hardware security keys on the market, enabling data encryption, user authentication and key management.
  • 07 January 2020, 78 Comments
    Do you think your computer hardware is secure? Can you rule out that in your absence no one has manipulated your computer? In a world, where most users do not have any real control over their hardware and have to blindly trust the security promises of vendors, NitroPad unlocks a refreshingly new security experience. NitroPad X230 is significantly more secure than normal computers.
  • 26 November 2019, 29 Comments
    We are happy to introduce the new Nitrokey FIDO2! The device can be ordered now and will be delivered within the next days. Nitrokey FIDO2 convinces by easy handling, two-factor authentication (2FA) and it can be used for passwordless login instead of a password. This brings us one step closer to our motto "secure your digital life".
  • Come Run With Us
    20 November 2019, 0 Comments
    We're hiring! Come work with us as a working student or freelancer in the field of software development, computer science or electrical engineering. As a dynamic Berlin-based IT security startup and a world leader in the development of open source security hardware, we're looking for a talent interested in helping us further grow our company and making a significant contribution to a secure digital world.
  • 11 May 2019, 6 Comments
    Nextcloud lets users access and collaborate on documents, calendars and in video chats in the browser or through mobile apps. Over 200 apps extend Nextcloud functionality with features like playing music and movies, tracking your phone, reading news, mindmapping and more.
  • Gentoo logo
    17 April 2019, 0 Comments
    The Gentoo Foundation has partnered with Nitrokey to equip all Gentoo developers with free Nitrokey Pro 2 devices. Gentoo developers will use the Nitrokey devices to store cryptographic keys for signing of git commits and software packages, GnuPG keys, and SSH accounts.
  • 15 March 2019, 24 Comments
    We are excited to announce the long awaited Nitrokey HSM 2. Finally it supports highly secure cryptography with RSA-4096, ECC-521, AES-256, and SHA-512. Supported elliptic curves are: SECG / NIST P-192, P-256, P-521; Bitcoin Koblitz curve secp192k1, secp256k1, secp521k1; Brainpool 192-512. The storage capacity has been increased significantly to store 300x ECC/AES-256 keys, 150x ECC-521 keys, 19x RSA-4096 keys, or 38x RSA-2048 keys. What Nitrokey HSM 2 is used for: