Nitrokey Business Fulfillment

Nitrokey Business FulfillmentInterested in introducing Nitrokey to your teams but don't want to deal with the handling and logistics? We can help you with that! Our Nitrokey Business Fulfillment service makes it easy for you to roll out Nitrokey in your organization.

Own branding

We produce and print Nitrokeys and packaging with your company's logo.


We provide a dedicated checkout portal where your employees or entire community can order their Nitrokey. Of course, only people authorized by you in advance are eligible to order.


In case your team members need to pay their slice, we handle the payment process including PayPal, credit card, SEPA wire transfer, and Bitcoin.


No matter how much offices you have or if you're an all-remote company. We send Nitrokeys to your employees, either to their workplace or to their home. We ship worldwide to nearly every country.


We help you to reduce your IT support costs by offering your users a help desk for Nitrokey-related issues.

Return service

In case something goes wrong, we handle the return process for Nitrokey devices sent back, e.g. in case of damage.

Inventory management (optional)

We provide you an always up-to-date overview of your inventory (which employee has which Nitrokey).

Need something else? We're glad to discuss further fulfillment options that fit your organization's needs.

Case Study: The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation equips all Linux kernel developers with Nitrokey Start devices to enable source code signing. This protects against malicious modification of the Linux kernel during its development. Nitrokey provides a dedicated checkout portal where kernel developers are authenticated and then submit their shipping address and choose between offered models and quantities. Subsequently, Nitrokey ships the ordered devices directly to the developer. The invoicing is handled between The Linux Foundation and Nitrokey without distracting the developers. The Linux Foundation doesn't need to deal with the shipping and fulfillment. And besides, Nitrokey is happy to contribute to the security of the crucial Linux kernel.

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