Software Updates

New products and product generations are announced on our website (news feed) and in our newsletter.

There are several ways to be automatically informed about software updates for Nitrokey products. We report on selected software updates in our blog, but not on all of them. The following options are available for comprehensive notifications.

News Feed

You can subscribe to the news feed (Atom) of the individual Github projects (see overview below).


With a user account at Github, you can subscribe to notifications about software releases. To do this, open the respective project, click on Watch and then Custom and activate the checkbox for Releases. Finally, click on Apply. Check your user settings to see whether email notifications are activated.

Tip: If you want to deactivate notification emails in your main Github account for other reasons, we recommend setting up a separate user account for email notifications only.

Alternatively, you can try an RSS-to-Email service.


Here is an overview of the current products and their Github projects and news feeds.

Product Project Feed
Nitrokey 3 Project Feed
Nitrokey Passkey Project Feed
Nitrokey App 2 Project Feed
pynitrokey / nitropy Project Feed
NitroPC 1, NitroPad Nxx Project Feed
NitroPC Pro Newsletter  
NitroPad X230, T430 Heads Project Feed
NitroPhone, NitroTablet more options Feed
NetHSM Project Feed
NetHSM PKCS#11 Modul Project Feed