Nitrokey Business Subscription

Nitrokey Business SubscriptionInterested in rolling out Nitrokey in your organization while maintaining financial predictability, future safety, and convenience? Our Nitrokey Business Subscription is the completely carefree solution for you.


You pay an annualy, fixed rate per user. This helps you to plan your budget and avoids repeating procurements.


No matter which and how many Nitrokeys you need, you can choose from the entire Nitrokey product range (e.g. Nitrokey 3, Passkey).

Peace of mind

Whatever happens, whether it's a lost or damaged device, you can order new devices without extra costs.


We help you to reduce your IT support costs by offering your users a help desk for Nitrokey-related issues.

Optional: Nitrokey Business Fulfillment incl. inventory management

In case you need shipment and fulfillment services for your distributed team or require an inventory management, we can help you too. See our Nitrokey Business Fulfillment service.

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