• 16 February 2021, 90 Comments
    We are excited to publish our new NitroPC - A secure mini PC with latest Intel i7 CPU (10th generation) and fully open source firmware and software. Powerful, Up-to-Date Hardware
  • 09 February 2021, 14 Comments
    To build on the success of the small NitroPad X230, we are now selling the NitroPad T430 with a large 14" HD+ screen (1600x900 pixels) and a fast Intel quad-core processor. The i7-3632QM with 4x 2.20 GHz (Turbo: 3.20 GHz) and the i7-3840QM with 4x 2.80 GHz (Turbo: 3.80 GHz) are alternatively used as the processor. Thus, the NitroPad T430 offers about twice the speed compared to the NitroPad X230 and can also keep up with current laptops.
  • 02 February 2021, 15 Comments
    The cloud at your home or office. With NextBox from Nitrokey you get everything you need for your secure and private cloud:
  • 05 October 2020, 0 Comments
    For NitroPad X230 secure laptop we released a firmware update. It provides the following improvements:
  • 16 July 2020, 2 Comments
    Easy and professional data destruction for self-employed persons, startups, small businesses and private individuals Do you occasionally want to securely destroy individual data media without subscribing to a "ton" or paying an expensive pick up service? You send us your data carriers and we take over the secure destruction!
  • Nitrokey Manufacturing
    06 July 2020, 0 Comments
    In 2015, when we transferred our hobby project Crypto Stick to the professional company Nitrokey, it was clear to us from the beginning that we would carry out the serial production of Nitrokeys in Germany. Of course we also buy components on the world market. But the final production of all Nitrokeys takes place in Germany. So we can ensure that the production meets our safety requirements.
  • 19 June 2020, 5 Comments
    In order to be able to use the Nitrokey FIDO2 even better, we have developed a new firmware 2.0 with the following new features:
  • 03 June 2020, 4 Comments
    The introduction today of passwordless authentication support in Nextcloud Hub is a big step forward for organizations that want to reduce or even eliminate the use of passwords. In addition to Windows Hello, Nextcloud Hub is the 2nd popular service (we are aware of) supporting passwordless logins. What does that look like, a password-less world with WebAuthn and Nitrokeys? Read on!
  • 28 May 2020, 13 Comments
    In these times of Corona and COVID-19, secure and trustworthy communication is more important than ever. Whether privately with friends and family, at school and university or at work. Do you trust proprietary applications of large tech companies with dubious data protection practices? Now we offer secure and free instant messaging and video conferencing with NitroChat and Nitrokey Meet.
  • 31 January 2020, 39 Comments
    Time flies. This week five years ago, Nitrokey was incorporated. Although our roots reach back to 2008 when the non-profit open source project "Crypto Stick" was started, 2015 marked the year of entering the business world. The mission: building the best open source hardware security keys on the market, enabling data encryption, user authentication and key management.