• 02 April 2018, 0 Comments
    Nitrokey is proud to announce a partnership with The Linux Foundation to equip over 2000 Linux kernel developers with Nitrokey Start USB keys. Linux kernel developers will have the ability to cryptographically sign code with OpenPGP/GnuPG signatures, as a strict requirement when sending merge requests directly to Linus Torvalds.
  • 24 October 2017, 49 Comments
    RSA-2048 Becomes Increasingly Insecure
  • 20 October 2017, 2 Comments
    Researchers discovered the ROCA vulnerability (CVE-2017-15361) which enables attackers to compute their victim's private RSA keys with little effort. Affected are RSA keys being generated in various hardware systems which contain the vulnerable chip from Infineon Technologies, such as computers with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), smart cards and USB dongles.
  • Nitrokey Encryption Tool
    17 October 2017, 0 Comments
    Do you need strong hardware-based encryption for your own software but are afraid of it's complex integration? Here is a solution for you. The Nitrokey Encryption Tool is a command line interface application which uses on-device RSA keys to encrypt/decrypt AES keys used in turn to encrypt user data. This way you don't need to deal with hardware integration or more complicated RSA.
  • 09 October 2017, 0 Comments
    Vor dem Hintergrund der zahlreichen Sicherheitsvorfälle bei Anbietern von Online-Diensten und den damit verbundenen, oftmals millionenschweren Fällen von Identitätsdiebstahl haben sich Experten zu einer verbandsübergreifenden Initiative Starke Authentisierung - jetzt! zusammengefunden.
  • 27 September 2017, 0 Comments
    Due to numerous requests from our customers and in order to make (especially international) payments more attractive, we have added Bitcoin as an accepted payment method in our online shop. If you're not sure what to do with your increasingly valuable Bitcoins, this is for you too.
  • 19 September 2017, 15 Comments
    Finally it is possible to use Nitrokey on Android smartphones. OpenKeychain, the popular Android app for OpenPGP encryption, supports Nitrokey. You can use your private keys on your Nitrokey to encrypt, decrypt and sign emails using OpenKeychain.
  • 19 September 2017, 0 Comments
    Our Nitrokey App, which is the GUI used for one-time passwords, password safe and Nitrokey Storage, has been completely restructured and has undergone tons of bug-fixes. The low-level device interface has been moved into the new libnitrokey, which can be directly integrated into your own applications.
  • 19 September 2017, 0 Comments
    Due to technical limitations Nitrokey’s one-time passwords previously couldn’t be used to login to Amazon Web Services (AWS). But now with the Nitrokey Pro 0.8 (released in November 2016), one-time passwords can also be used to protect your AWS account.
  • 19 September 2017, 0 Comments
    privacyIDEA is a modular authentication server that can be used to enhance the security of existing applications such as local login, VPN, remote access, SSH connections, and access to web sites and web portals with second factor authentication. privacyIDEA runs on Linux and is completely open source, licensed under the AGPLv3.


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