Android FIDO2 SDK

Add WebAuthn/FIDO2 to your own Android app

Easily add passwordless authentication with Nitrokey FIDO2 (or other FIDO2 devices) to your Android app.

  • Our software development kit (SDK) brings passwordless FIDO2 authentication to Android that works with Nitrokeys over NFC and USB.
  • Ready-to-use user interface with helpful animations
  • Shows smartphone-specific sweetspot of the NFC antenna
  • Does not require Google Play Services
  • Small size of < 300 KiB
  • Open source (proprietary license available)
  • Offered in partnership with Hardware Security SDK by heylogin GmbH

Try the FIDO2 Example app.
Contact us and get:

  • free 3 months trial license (instead of 30 days)
  • free 3 hours direct developer support (in any project phase)

End of passwords with WebAuthn/FIDO2

Nitrokey FIDO2 and Nitrokey 3 can be used for logging into services without username and password. The user simply needs to click a login button and touching the Nitrokey. It frees the user from having to remember complicated passwords. Furthermore, it makes server-side storage and validation of passwords obsolete.

Easiest 2FA

A PIN code can be used to enable two-factor authentication. It protects in case the Nitrokey gets lost. In contrast to a password, only one device PIN needs to be remembered and it can be as short as 6 digits because it will be locked after eight failed attempts.

Easy App integration

Beautiful API enabling easy integration of FIDO2 to own Android apps.

NFC Sweetspot

Each smartphone has a different sweetspot where the NFC connection works best. Android FIDO2 SDK shows this spot to make it easy for the user to place their Nitrokey NFC to their smartphone.

No Google Play Services, No Additional Cloud Service

We are not selling yet another SaaS login solution. Android FIDO2 SDK is a standard-compliant clean-room implementation that works with any FIDO server. In contrast to Google's FIDO APIs, our SDK works without Google Play Services. Thus, it also works in countries where phones do not ship with Google Play as well as in environments where Google Play is avoided because of security and privacy concerns.

Standard Compliant

Android FIDO2 SDK can be used with Nitrokey FIDO2 and any other FIDO2 compliant device. The SDK has been successfully tested with a wide variety of FIDO services. It has been implemented by carefully following the FIDO standards.

Open Source, Dual License

The Android FIDO2 SDK is available under the terms of the GNU General Public license version 3 or later. Alternatively, contact us to purchase a commercial license.