Success Stories

Multifactor authentication of employees | Commerce | Nitrokey FIDO2

The customer is a German medium-sized company with branches abroad. For secure multifactor authentication of employees in Germany and abroad, they were equipped with Nitrokey FIDO2. The ease of use contributes to high user acceptance and security. The existing Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MS AAD) enabled an efficient rollout. The Nitrokeys produced in Germany guarantee a high level of trustworthiness.

PCI DSS Compliance | Financial Industry | Nitrokey Pro

The customer is a leading global credit card provider. For PCI DSS compliant operation, the hard disks of critical servers are fully encrypted. The keys for this are securely stored in several Nitrokey Pro. These are connected to separate servers and are connected to the critical servers via a specially developed but simple network interface. The entire system is designed redundantly and was developed, rolled out and tested in just a few days. The use of Nitrokey Pro thus provides a reliable, secure and cost-effective solution for achieving PCI DSS compliance.

PKI of an IoT platform | Production and Electronics | Nitrokey HSM

The customer is a leading international manufacturer of lamps and offers an open IoT platform for this purpose. All IoT devices of this platform connect via TLS to servers that are authenticated by their X.509 certificates. Since a compromise of these certificates or keys could allow the compromise of all IoT devices, their security is elementary. For this reason, several Nitrokey HSM are used to securely store the corresponding cryptographic keys. Using encrypted key backups of Nitrokey HSM, a PKI can be implemented cost-effectively, with reliable operation guaranteed for several decades.

Measurement data acquisition in underwater drones | Research and armament | Nitrokey Storage

The customer develops underwater drones for the military and civil sector. In the civil underwater drones Nitrokey Storage is used to store measured data reliably and safely. Special Nitrokey Storage with a capacity of up to 400 GB is used for this purpose. Nitrokey's open source tools allow an easy and flexible integration of PIN activation and locking into the control system of the underwater drone. Thus, measurement data remains secure at all times, even if the underwater drone is lost.

Protection of vending machines | Production and electronics | Nitrokey Start

The customer is an internationally operating manufacturer of betting machines. To provide the machines with a non-clonable cryptographic identity, Nitrokey Start is installed. This is used to encrypt sensitive data and program code and to implement secure firmware updates. By means of Nitrokey Start, security is guaranteed at a reasonable price, even for high volumes.

Production of payment terminals | Financial industry and electronics | NitroPad

The customer is an internationally operating manufacturer of payment terminals. The payment terminals are produced by one of the world's largest contract manufacturers for computers. In the security-critical production NitroPads are used as control computers. For this purpose, NitroPads without WLAN interface and NitroPads with WLAN interface are used specifically where they are needed. This reduces the potential attack surface and significantly increases security.