Now Available: NitroPad NS50 - Get 10% Introductory Discount!

Earlier than planned, we have the new NitroPad NS50, announced in April, in stock. From now on, the notebook can be ordered with a 10% introductory discount in our online store. The NitroPad NS50 is the most secure, newest and - according to many of our customers - the best NitroPad.


  • One of the most secure laptops in the world
  • Latest Intel processor Core i5 or i7 of 12th generation
  • 15" screen
  • Numerous, high-quality keyboard layouts (no stickers)
  • Tamper detection through Measured Boot
  • Deactivated Intel Management Engine
  • Pre-installed Ubuntu Linux with full hard disk encryption
  • Pre-installed Qubes OS for highest security requirements
  • Windows compatible
  • Security-conscious, sealed shipping

Get 10% Introductory Discount Now!



Can this laptop hold a second M.2 SSD like NovaCustom's NS51? Also is HEADS working with nitrokey 3 yet or would that delay things if one chooses that option for the firmware?
Oh thanks for pointing this out, this was simply forgotten on the product description page. Of course, this is possible - in the meantime until the shop-page is updated you can write directly to shop (at) nitrokey (dot) com with the configuration you would like to have and we will sent you a offer accordingly. For HEADS + Nitrokey 3, yes this is completely working, if you buy a Nitropad with a Nitrokey 3 now, it's in stock and no further delay is expected.
Is Windows 11 supported ?
Yes, but only with the Tianocore / UEFI Firmware. Not with the HEADS firmware
compact laptop, excellent speed even with i5 sadly runs very hot, most likely due to faulty config of thermald and not installing tlp and acpid with proper configuration

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