The New Nitrokey 3 With NFC, USB-C, Rust, Common Criteria EAL 6+

The new Nitrokey 3 is the best Nitrokey we have ever developed. It offers NFC, USB-C and USB-A Mini (optional) for the first time. The Nitrokey 3 combines the features of previous Nitrokey models: FIDO2, one-time passwords, OpenPGP smart card, Curve25519, password manager, Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified secure element, firmware updates. This reliably protects your accounts against phishing and password theft, and encrypts your communications and data. With strong hardware encryption, trustworthy thanks to open source, quality made in Germany.

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Use Cases

For private and corporate use - protection against mass surveillance and hackers

  • Passwordless login: Forget your password to log in to Microsoft services (e.g. Office 365) and Nextcloud and use Nitrokey for passwordless login instead.
  • Protect online accounts using two-factor authentication (2FA): Nitrokey is your key to secure login to websites (e.g. Google, Facebook; overview at Using FIDO2, FIDO U2F, or one-time passwords (OTP), your accounts remain secure even if your password is stolen.
  • Phishing protection: When using FIDO, the respective domain is automatically checked and users are effectively protected against phishing attacks.
  • Mobile usage with smartphones: Using FIDO and NFC, you can also securely access your accounts on Android and iPhone smartphones.
  • Encrypt data and emails: Encrypt your emails with GnuPG, OpenPGP, S/MIME, Thunderbird or Outlook. Encrypt entire hard drives using TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt, LUKS or individual files using GnuPG. Your private keys are securely stored in Nitrokey and cannot be exported/stolen.

For companies - protection against hackers and industrial espionage

  • Passwordless logon to Windows 10 computers: Employees will be able to log in to their Windows 10 Pro computers managed by Azure Active Directory without passwords. All that is required is a Nitrokey 3.
  • Passwordless login to your own enterprise systems: Replace your password policy, unauthorized password slips and costly password resets with passwordless login with the Nitrokey 3. Security and acceptance through simplicity. We are happy to advise you on integration.

For IT administrators and security experts - protect critical infrastructure

  • Administering servers securely with SSH: Always have your SSH key securely with you in Nitrokey. Your key is PIN protected and cannot be exported/stolen from the Nitrokey. This eliminates the insecure and annoying synchronization of key files on client systems.
  • Protect Internet of Things (IoT) and own products: Protect your own hardware products by integrating Nitrokey. Ideal for remote maintenance and ensuring product authenticity.
  • Store cryptographic keys securely: Store cryptographic keys and certificates securely in Nitrokey, preventing their theft.
  • Protect computer BIOS integrity: Using the Nitrokey and Measured Boot, the integrity of the computer BIOS/firmware is verified. The colored LED of the Nitrokey signals whether the BIOS has integrity (green) or whether tampering has been detected (red). Compatible e.g. with NitroPads.


  • FIDO U2F, FIDO2 for passwordless login: FIDO sets new standards in easy usability and thus achieves high acceptance. FIDO reliably protects your accounts against password theft and phishing.
  • Disabled passwords to protect accounts against identity theft: Protect your accounts against identity theft. One-time passwords are generated in Nitrokey and serve as a second authentication factor for logins (in addition to your normal password). Thus, your accounts remain secure even if your password is stolen.
  • Secure cryptographic key storage: Store your private keys for encrypting emails, hard drives or individual files securely in Nitrokey. This way they are protected against loss, theft and computer viruses and are always with you. Key backups protect against loss.
  • Password Manager: Store your passwords securely encrypted in the integrated password manager. This way you always have your passwords with you and they remain protected even if you lose your Nitrokey.
  • Integrity Check / Tamper Detection: Verify the integrity from the computer BIOS using Verified Boot. The Nitrokey's colored LED indicates whether the BIOS has integrity (green) or tampering has been detected (red). Supported computers require a BIOS based on Coreboot and Heads such as the NitroPad.

Security Technology

The Nitrokey 3 is based on a novel security architecture:

  • All firmware is developed in the memory-safe programming language Rust. This avoids potentially security-critical memory errors.
  • The firmware is based on the framework Trussed developed in Rust, which is designed for security-critical embedded systems and developed in cooperation with our partner SoloKeys. Among other things, Trussed implements cryptographic operations. Of course, the code is published as open source.

    Trussed logo

  • The hardware is based on the LPC55S6x microprocessor, which has numerous security features, such as Secure Boot, ARM TrustZone, Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF). Update: The hardware is based on different microprocessors that support Secure Boot and other security features.
  • Additionally, a Secure Element, quasi a smart card, is used for the cryptographic memory. This has been security-certified up to the operating system level according to Common Criteria EAL 6+ and thus also meets high security requirements. Due to the power requirement, the secure element can only be used via USB but not via NFC.
  • As with all Nitrokey developments, Nitrokey 3 is open source, so the secure implementation can be reviewed by anyone.

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Status Update, 6/14/2022

From now on we will publish future status updates regarding Nitrokey 3 in our blog instead of here.

Status Update, 5/13/2022

The circuit boards of the Nitrokey 3A Mini could not be fully assembled yet, because a passive component is missing. This should arrive next week, which means that the first series production can begin, which we will then test.

The firmware development for the nRF52 or Nitrokey 3A Mini has reached alpha status, i.e. is functionally equivalent to the LPC55S variant (FIDO2). Now the primary focus is on debugging and stabilization.

The next production slot for the Nitrokey 3A NFC unfortunately could not be fixed yet; we are working on it and will keep you informed. However, since the critical component is already in stock (LPC55S), we are optimistic that it will start soon.

Status Update, 4/13/2022

Currently all Nitrokey 3 support FIDO2 functions only. We have released some firmware updates in the last months that fix most of the issues. To update your Nitrokey 3, please follow the instructions. An overview of available firmware updates can be found here.

The delivery of the Nitrokey 3A NFC and the Nitrokey 3C NFC of the first production batch has been completed. Unfortunately, we were not able to fix the technical problems on all devices according to our quality standards, which is why the first production batch turned out to be smaller than expected. Therefore, some orders are slipping into the second batch. Affected customers have been informed personally by e-mail.

We have received the PCBs for the Nitrokey 3A Mini. Now the assembly of the first PCBs will be done soon. After that, there are further steps to be done, such as checking compatibility with the package, flashing, assembly and extensive quality control. The Nitrokey 3A Mini can then be shipped, probably at the end of Q2 or beginning of Q3 2022.

We have received another 1000 pcs. LPC55S microprocessors. With this, we will produce another batch of Nitrokey 3A NFC. Production has been ordered and is expected to take 6-8 weeks. Minor improvements to the hardware layout have already been incorporated to simplify assembly and improve NFC performance.

Porting to the new microprocessor is not yet complete, so the Nitrokey 3A NFC is not expected to be available from stock in large quantities until Q3 2022.

For the Nitrokey 3C NFC, we have decided to develop a new casing. This will provide greater robustness and allow for faster production. The development time of the casing is currently difficult to estimate. Therefore, the production schedule for the Nitrokey 3C NFC has been postponed to Q4 2022. Pre-orderers of the Nitrokey 3C NFC who would like to change their order to the Nitrokey 3A NFC, please email us to "shop at nitrokey dot com".

As soon as there is a change in the current estimate, we will inform you here immediately.

Status Update, 2/5/2022

Unfortunately, some of the shipped Nitrokey 3A NFC (with USB-A connector) have a technical error that results in weak NFC performance. If you have problems using NFC with your Nitrokey 3A NFC, we offer you a free device exchange. Therefore, please send us your Nitrokey 3A NFC and state your order number. The Nitrokey 3C NFC (with USB-C connector) is not affected by this.
Accordingly, the complete delivery of the first production batch is unfortunately still delayed.
Porting to the new microprocessor is progressing and we plan to complete by the end of the month. Once porting is complete, we plan to produce additional Nitrokey 3A NFC and Nitrokey 3A Mini. These models are then expected to be available in Q2 in sufficient numbers to service all pre-orders and also to fulfill new orders immediately.
More Nitrokey 3C NFC (with USB-C connector) will be delivered in the next few weeks. A new production of this model is planned for the 3rd quarter.

Status Update, 11/25/2021

The delivery of the Nitrokey 3A NFC has started. Furthermore, the delivery of the Nitrokey 3C NFC is progressing. All customers who have subscribed to the newsletter have been informed about their expected delivery status or production batch. The production and delivery of the many pre-orders takes time and our team is working at full speed to ship as many orders as possible every day.

Status Update, 10/18/2021

The first Nitrokey 3C NFC were produced and shipped. Production and delivery of all pre-orders is expected to take several weeks. All pre-orderers will be informed via email as soon as their Nitrokeys have been shipped. Pre-orderers who will only be served from the next production batch will be informed via email in the next few weeks.

Status Update, 10/8/2021

Important: The batch of both NFC models now in production is already sold out. All new orders of a Nitrokey 3A NFC and Nitrokey 3C NFC will be served from the next production batch. Due to the electronics shortage, porting to the nRF52 must be completed for this. We expect delivery later this year and will post regular status updates here. Customers who ordered already will be informed in the next days and weeks from which production batch they will be served resp. when they will be delivered.

Nitrokey 3C NFC: The electronics are completely procured and produced. Also, the new cases have been produced and are now being printed. Next week we will begin flashing the firmware, installing Nitrokeys into the cases, testing and shipping. Production and delivery of all pre-orders is expected to take a few weeks.


Nitrokey 3A NFC: For the USB-A model, the PCBs, electronics and enclosures are fully sourced. However, we fortunately unexpectedly found a way to further improve the NFC performance. To do this, we had to do another electronics change and test cycle. Unfortunately, this will delay the delivery by probably 2-4 weeks.

Nitrokey 3A Mini: Electronics and case development is complete. Firmware porting (to the nRF52) is still in progress. We plan to produce and ship in the next few weeks. The quantity should be enough to serve all pre-orders and fill our warehouse for the next weeks and months.

Status Update, 8/25/2021

  • The development of the Nitrokey 3C NFC casing has been completed.
  • Planned delivery date for the PCBs is week 40. The subsequent assembly is planned with a few days.

Status Update, 8/11/2021

  • Development of the Nitrokey 3A Mini and Nitrokey 3C NFC enclosures has made significant progress. We plan to complete the enclosure development concurrently with the availability of the assembled electronics.
  • The required NFC chips have been delivered and tested successfully. Barring any further supply bottlenecks, the electronics will be assembled shortly.
  • In order to achieve the best possible availability despite the global electronics shortage, we will equip the Nitrokey 3 with different microprocessors. Users will not notice this internal difference, but for us it means more effort. Therefore we had to redesign the electronics of the NK3A Mini using the nRF52. We expect the electronics samples next week. We have already got the firmware working on the nRF52 but the porting is not finished yet.

We plan to start shipping the Nitrokey 3A NFC and 3C NFC first. The Nitrokey 3A Mini is expected to start a little later. We are now waiting for our contract manufacturer to assemble it. We can't give a specific delivery date yet but it shouldn't be long.

Status Update, 6/11/2021

In the last months and weeks the development of the Nitrokey 3 has made significant progress. Nevertheless, its delivery will unfortunately have to be delayed, especially due to lack of electronics.

We have achieved:

  • The electronics development is finished and the electronics works stable.
  • The firmware has FIDO2, which can be used via USB and NFC.

In work at the moment is:

  • Electronics procurement and production has started
  • Firmware development of one-time passwords (OTP) and the password safe.
  • Porting of firmware to the nRF52 microprocessor. This is important to be able to avoid future supply shortages that we are facing due to the global electronics shortage.

The delivery of the Nitrokey 3 depends on:

  • We are waiting for an electronics component to arrive no later than July.
  • Completion of the case development

It is anticipated that the Nitrokey 3 will ship in the next few weeks or during the summer. We apologize for the delay and ask for your understanding.



Hallo! gibt es Neuigkeiten bezüglich der Auslieferung? Nicht mehr lange, dann ist meine Bestellung und Zahlung 1 Jahr her. Und seitdem habe ich nichts mehr von euch gehört. Chris
Hey, das ist schwer pauschal zu beantworten, einfach mal shop(at) mit der Bestellnummer (SOxxxxx) schreiben, dort gibt es dann individuelle Informationen zu der Bestellung.
Hi, any news on second nitrokey production batch ?
Hi, no sorry, currently we have no news to share...
Hallo! Gibt es schon ein Neues StatusUpdate? das letze ist aus dem November... seitdem warte ich auf eine Lieferung(der Shop Support hat bestätigt, dass ich aus der ersten Charge beliefert werde). Dauert der Versand immer noch an? VG
Hey, es wird in Kürze hier auf der Seite ein Update zum Status geben (wie die letzten Updates - unten im Artikel). Ansonsten ist es schwer eine solche Frage allgemein-gültig zu beantworten, am besten noch ein wenig auf das Update warten, falls das zu lange dauert bitte an shop(at)nitrokey(dot)com schreiben...
Excellent website you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I'd really love to be a part of online community where I can get advice from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!
Did you see, which might be what you are looking for.
Excellent web site you have here.. It's hard to find quality writing like yours nowadays. I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!
Can you make it clear which functions can and cannot be performed using NFC? Can OTP be performed using NFC? Can public key encryption / decryption be performed using NFC? What about the other functions? Thanks :) .
Hey, generally the only functionality available via NFC is FIDO2. Currently it is not planned to make OTP / OpenPGPCard or other available through NFC. The main reason for this is the limited available power from NFC, which is (as of now) not enough to power the SE050, which is needed for the other operations.
Is there a USB cap provided? I have had my NK Pro on my keyring for several years, and I see that the cap did protect it quite well - it is quite worn out. I would really want to have a cap on the NK3-C too when I buy it :) .
There is a USB cap for the NK3-A, but not for the NK3-C
I would really love to have a USB cap for the NK3-C too :)
I can fully relate with that, USB-C caps are simply very rare. Speculating here: I could imaging because they would be very easy to lose and damage due to its necessarily small size. I've seen some universal (rubber-based) ones but also did not like any of them, despite the fact that I would lose them on day 1 - so sorry, but I believe caps for USB-C won't be a thing.
Are there any updates on the status of production and shipping? The last update seems a bit ambiguous. Specifically, can you give any rough estimate for the Nitrokey 3C model (such as "any orders placed after [month / year] will only ship after the next batch has been produced in Q3")?
Hey - sorry, currently we cannot publish more detailed updates on shipping estimates
Hallo. Ich habe Ende März 2021 bestellt und immer noch keine Aussicht auf Lieferung. Der Service brachte auch keine Klarheit bezüglich eines Lieferdatums. Gibt es den wirklich eine FIFO priorisierung? Könnt ihr mir einen Monat in Aussicht stellen? Gruß
Ja, es gibt eine FIFO Priorisierung - momentan können wir aber keine weiteren Details zu Lieferzeiten nennen, sorry
For anybody still waiting for their orders: Just cancel. I waited almost a year and am totally disappointed. Key works sometimes on some browsers but not reliably. No updates in sight "Currently there are no updates available. The first firmware updates will address bug fixes." This has NOTHING to do with chip shortages. Check the status updates. They were selling a product as finished, explained delays with chip shortages and THEN proudly announced that development is progressing nicely?! Sorry guys, I would have loved supporting a German company, but I don't see more than a nicely made website.
I respectfully disagree. There are firmware updates available to solve various common issues: , further we tried hard to make it clear (see bold, "important" on the product page: which functionalities will be available. Nevertheless, if the product is that far from what you expected, I understand the frustration, feel free to ask for a withdrawal at shop (at) nitrokey (dot) com.
Hi, in the update documentation it is said that updating the nk3 will delete user data. 1. Is it planned to provide an update mechanism without resetting the key (deleting user data) ? 2. Is there a way to backup user data / keys for accessing the secure element for such an update? And yes I'm aware that the possibility to backup the data undermines the security provided - however setting everything up again after updating is such a big usability drawback that updating might not be an option after I began to use the stick. Which in fact makes the nk3 useless until all features I wich to use are implemented, and the features are why I ordered the nk3 instead of any other fido stick available. And worst the stick will be useless when ever the first vulnerability is found and need a firmware update to fix it. Best regards
1. This is clearly the plan, the latest update from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 does not have any impact on the user data. 2. Nope sorry, by (FIDO2) definition there is no way to backup the user data, the recommended way to achieve this is to set up an alternative login method with another FIDO2 stick or whatever is available the service (like TOTP or something). Overall currently the user-data warning is in the documentation for safety reasons and due to the fact that the 1.0.2 update was invalidating the user data, it will be updated soon with a warning for specific versions the update is started from. E.g., updating from <= 1.0.1 will invalidate your user data, >=1.0.2 currently won't.
Hi, good to read that backup is not necessary to keep user data :). My problem with destructible updates is not to keep access to the services, but to update login informations on several services afterwards - as this will, at some point, result in forgetting a service and trying to access it while being far away from you password safe containing the backup credentials. Best regards & happy Eastern
yip yip, fully understand the struggle. Sorry, for the inconvenience with the last update cycle, we'll improve!
I think they were quite ambitious in their plans and that's good, but unfortunately the economic crisis in the world plays a big role. Support for FOSS and Open Hardware is important and necessary
I have bought nitrokey 3 over year ago. After year of waiting and ton of lousy excuses I find nothing was done. I have received overpriced FIDO2 key which I could buy year ago for less. OH wait... "Currently updating the firmware will delete all user data! " So actually it is practically useless to for daily use as U2F. It would require to reregister on every site you use it. So, I ended up with pricey brick and promise some day it will work. (Considering current progress probably never) I lack words of "gratitude".
Hey, sorry that the device does not hold up to your expectations currently. We are working hard to improve the situation, overall I can already today say that e.g., the update from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 will not invalidate your user data and we also plan to keep it that way for further updates. Overall with or without this I would still recommend to make sure to have a 2nd method to log in into your FIDO2 protected accounts by either another FIDO2 device or whatever is possible with the targeted service like TOTP or other 2FA mechanisms.
What I don't understand is how the feature set of this key can be still this underdeveloped. I'm desperately seeking an (open source) key which does FIDO2 passwordless auth, ed25519, PGP and can function with older SSH implementations (smartcard compatibility). All of the above are on the "may be implemented" list. None of the above except FIDO2 have happened in the additional year of development time. It's one thing to have a hardware shortage, but this should not stop software development. Even changing the microcontroller involved should not delay feature development this long - both are standard ARM cores, and emulators are a thing. Yet, there are half a dozen new products appearing - all of which obviously needed software development time. I always thought that hardware tokens are the most important product for nitroKEY, seems I was mistaken.
We have a similar vision for a device as you have it, from a purely observant position one might say that the goal is not too easy to reach, as there is not such a product. Still I won't stop telling that at least PGP is clearly no "may", but a must. On the other side I would respectfully disagree with your simplifications towards porting from one MCU to another, especially as we set a very high bar on security with the Trussed framework, which by itself also had to grow from a single platform to N. Also you are right, simulators are indeed a thing, but not even remotely for baremetal/RT development, which is by definition highly specific to _not_ the CPU, but moreover the peripherals, their interfaces and integration of both into an existing framework. Even if there would be simulation models with the exact same CPU peripherals as you buy them in like 50 variants for one MCU family, then this simulation model would still not cover peripherals like NFC + antenna design, ext. memory, a secure element and so on. Maybe a final short note about most important products: You are mostly right, the Nitrokey is _the_ product and the situation will get better. But relying on a single product (category) as a company is in general very risky, w/o our wide portfolio things could have gone easily far worse during the last two years - I fully understand that not having the full-featured Nitrokey 3 in hands is frustrating, same for us, thus we are more focused on the way ahead to make things better...
Aus Neugier: Wie stellt ihr sicher, dass bei der Firmware das Kompilat tatsächlich dem Rust-Quelltext entspricht? Die offiziellen binären Versionen von rustc sind ja nicht verifizierbar und das selber bootstrappen ohne da Dritten zu vertrauen ist immer noch immens schwer.
Ja, der letzte Satz trifft es schon ganz richtig, im Grunde ist das einfach noch immens schwer. Im Prinzip ist hier aber die Antwort: wir müssen jemandem Vertrauen, in diesem Fall vertrauen wir der Rust Foundation, dass diese keinen kompromittierten Compiler(-SourceCode) ausliefern und wir müssen den Sicherheitsmechanismen der Paketverteilungssystemen vertrauen - mehr ist realistisch, nach unserer Einschätzung, kaum möglich.
I'm very intersted in the NitroKey 3C NFC model and sad to hear it is delayed. I am looking forward for a TOTP compatible security key that doesn't stop at 15 or 32 or even 50 OTP entries (none exists afaik) and would have a companion authenticator app. Questions: - is there a consensus on the smarphone authenticator app development for OATH-TOTP functionality? - is there an approximate number of OTP entries that can be stored? 50 or 500 or 5000 maybe? - what is the life expectancy of the new model? - is there an ETA for NitroKey 3C NFC?
The amount of TOTPs will only be limited by the available external flash memory, which is 2MB. This should be quite some space, so 500 should be easy, 5000 might be challenging already and depending on the other things that are kept within the external memory. Anyways the plan is to not restrict the amount of TOTPs, moreover the memory will be the limiting factor. Life expectancy is "long", e.g. Nitrokey 3 is a long term support product, similar to the Nitrokey Start/Pro, which we are now selling and developing for more than 5 years. There are no plans for a specific (OATH/TOTP) app right now, but we are looking into this.
Does the "Nitrokey 3A Mini" really has a Touch button like stated under "Technical Details"?
Yes, it has. If you look closely at the picture at the top of the article, you can see a metal-bar reaching out of the case. This is the "button" which you have touch shortly in order to verify the user presence as with other FIDO2 devices.
Hi, da das letzte Update vom 14.6.2022 ist, wollte ich mal nachfragen, wie es aktuell um die Lieferung Nitrokey 3 mit NFC steht? Danke
Hey, ich gehe mal davon aus, dass der Nitrokey 3C NFC gemeint ist ... Wie dem Update vom 14.6. zu entnehmen ist, wurden die Status Updates ab dem Datum im Blog veröffentlicht. Der letzte Eintrag dazu besagt, dass die Auslieferung bereits gestartet ist und es bestimmt noch bis Ende diesen Monats brauchen wird, bis hier alle Vorbestellungen ausgeliefert sind.


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