Nitrokey 3 Status Update

We have received the first Nitrokey 3C NFC from the current production batch. We will start the delivery tomorrow. Production capacity is ramping up slower than expected, so it will probably take until the end of February to ship all pre-orders. After that, the Nitrokey 3C NFC will be available to order directly from our online store without waiting.



Will there be a way to update our nitrokey 3 using the future graphical nitrokey app ? pipx seem so complicated despite the instructions...
We are already working on a nitrokey-app2, which supports the Nitrokey 3 and updates of the latter.
Will I be informed by email when my order is sent out to me?
Yes, you will receive an e-mail one your Nitrokey 3 will be sent out.
Top! Hab heute meinen Nitrokey 3 erhalten. F├╝hlt sich sehr hochwertig an. Vielen Dank! :)
Hast du Lust einen Erfahrungsbericht zu schreiben? ;-)
Hi, for the Nitrokey 3 series, the comparison table mentions that both RSA and ECC keypair numbers are TBD. Any chance we can get 3*3 pairs (or more)? I'd be nice to manage the keys for different personas in a single device.
Generally yes and there should be enough non-volatile memory to do so, but for now we target a main persona first. So this will be the initial approach for the stable firmware, once this is in place and working as expected we'll be looking into additional features to implement.
How functional is right now? What is still now working?
The stable firmware does currently do FIDO2. On top, the alpha firmware has previews for OpenPGPCard and OTP. We expect another alpha firmware with the OTP feature being stable, means if no other issues arise it will soon afterwards move into the stable firmware. The same approach will then be taken for the OpenPGPCard feature.
Is there a schedule about when the planed features are expected to be available (e.g. smime)? Can I update already purchased sticks?
S/MIME will be part of the OpenPGPCard support. We are currently talking about low-digit month ballpark, please understand that I cannot promise more precise ETAs during this maturity phase. Of course, you update already purchased Nitrokey 3s with the then latest firmware, we are also working on a NitrokeyApp2 to make updates more accessible and improve the user experience overall for the Nitrokey 3.

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