Nitrokey 3 - Firmware Release

Besides numerous bug fixes, the latest firmware 1.5.0 allows to securely store classic (so-called static) passwords in the Nitrokey 3. Furthermore, it is now possible to unlock KeepassXC with a Nitrokey 3. However, support in KeepassXC is still missing.

In case you missed our news article: A month ago we released OpenPGP card support with firmware 1.4.0.



Is there a tutorial how to create that static password ?
Currently there is none, we are working on integrating these into the new nitrokey-app2 - in the meantime you could check the "expected outputs" in this PR for some example usage. Further you can inspect the functionalities exposed by `nitropy` by just using `nitropy nk3 secrets --help`.
Nfc for pgo does not work anymore (by Design) USB on Android does also not work on Android for Openkeychain. So Nitrokey3 is now not useable anymore for me. This was not the deal. I bought my nitrokey to have gpg working with nfc (and fallback via usb) for de/encrypting with gpg on my smartphone. Can i send them back and get my money back?
The connection through USB should work with the next release, as the bug was fixed. We are trying to fix incompatibilities, but this obviously takes time. Furthermore, OpenPGP through NFC is currently a trade-off decision due to limited persistent memory we have available (which is available during NFC operation). We are investigating options to allow configuring the Nitrokey 3 to e.g. enable OpenPGP through NFC (possibly with the drawback that FIDO2 will then not be available through NFC), but this is nothing I can promise right now.
How can i unlock KeepassXC with a Nitrokey 3?
We are waiting for KeepassXC to merge this work to make it work:
The support has landed to KeepassXC develop (commit bb37cf3c3235b612d737725e5523e41796f7126d). Congrats!
Will there be a new firmware and when ?
There is a new test-firmware release the next days and afterwards we'll target another stable release, but no fixed date yet. What feature/bug-fix are you missing / looking for ?
I am waiting for the OTP/Password manager feature
This is already available using the 1.5 firmware - but client side there currently only is nitropy - a commandline tool to interact with it. We are currently working on a Nitrokey App2 release with OTP support - this should happen this week, if nothing goes wrong.

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