Nitrokey 3 Status Update

Nitrokey 3A Mini

As planned, all pre-orders have been shipped and the Nitrokey 3A Mini is finally "in stock" and therefore immediately available for future orders.

Nitrokey 3A NFC

As announced in the last status update, production of the Nitrokey 3A NFC is underway. To optimize the failure rate, we plan to produce the electronics in several steps, so it will take a few days to complete the entire production. Nevertheless, we plan to start shipping shortly.

Nitrokey 3C NFC

We have solved the case problem and are now using the same case as the USB-A models. Electronics samples and case samples are available and are currently being tested. We plan to start production shortly so that delivery can be made in the 4th quarter.

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Short and sweet! I've got 2 questions, sorry if you guys answered them before. 1. Are you planning on making a 3C mini? 2. Is there an estimate on how many key pairs the 3a/3c be able to hold? Keep up the great work!
In fact we are actively experimenting at Nitrokey 3C Mini but didn't decide yet if it's practical or not. The most challenging part is the casing. I expect a decision in quarter 4. Nitrokey 3 has a lot of storage capacity to store several keys. The final number also depends on how much space the firmware will occupy and the key's algorithm. It's not possible to tell an exact number now.
Awesome! Looking forward to geht my nitrokey 3C this year. Thanks for the update
Hardware availability is good, but how is software development progressing for more advanced features beyond FIDO?
Making big leaps currently, we are planning to do a separate blog post here within the next weeks to share the current state.
Hi, any updates?
Hauptsache da liegen dann genug Sticker mit im Paket ;-)
When can we expect full Nitrokey 3 firmware support for both OpenPGP and SSH ?
An OpenPGP demo/alpha stage release is around the corner (~weeks), ssh is working w/o issues already.
Hi, sorry to say, but we're now approaching the last week of September. 3A NFCs were promised to start shipping at the beginning of Sep. Would it be possible to request revised update on the shipping date for 3As?
Came here to say this.
I received my 3A in mid-September, so they really appear to be finally shipping them. Though it should be noted the firmware doesn't support most of the features they advertised during the pre-order period.
Anything else works except for fido2?
I can tell that we are currently shipping Nitrokey 3A NFCs already and that shortly all pending orders will be fulfilled and the Nitrokey 3A NFC will be freely available to order through the shop. Further functionality wise there is a demo firmware planned to be released the next weeks, which will show-off the OpenPGPCard functionality.
I ordered a NitroKey 3A, will you email me before shipping?
What with 3A nfc? When will you ship it?
Yay! Got a shipping confirmation for my two Nitrokey 3A NFC today. :O I ordered those end of August 2021.
when is the new development firmware scheduled to be released? also, I can't find any "dev" branch or pull requests in githun Nitrokey/nitrokey-3-firmware - I'd really love to check it out
It's on the way, just released v1.2.2 - we will announce it here also including the sources. The mainly relevant repository is not public yet, thus you cannot really see it right now.
Can we get an update? It’s been several months and it sounded like we might get shipments in Q4, which has now passed. Communication has definitely become worse over time…
Hey, did you see this blog post? It is from 2 weeks ago and explains the situation.

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