Nitrokey 3: OpenPGP Card Development

Our development of the OpenPGP Card application for the Nitrokey 3 is beginning to bear fruit. GnuPG successfully recognizes the Nitrokey 3 as an OpenPGP Card (development version of the firmware required). Key operations are not yet possible. Now we focus on the support of a first elliptic curve. We will report on further progress here in the coming weeks.



Finally.... WIP A happy day
I would love to read latest status update on this subject
There will be an alpha release within the next weeks to show the progress
Let's hope that this year's end will bring us Nitrokey 3C and some of the planned applications like OpenPGP...i'm wait for it 8-)
Great to see progress here. It would be even greater if you could provide a website which shows the progress / milestones for the planned features. I regularly search the web for the progres, but there is no single place to find the information, it is split on different blog posts. I guess keeping my eye on nitrokey-3-firmware/issues/100 is best?
Currently the best (not too technical) source would be this blog and its RSS feed. Of course monitoring the nitrokey-3-firmware repository gives you more insight, but there is no single issue tracking all the upcoming features.
I need a smartcard for OpenPGP. I think a NitroKey 2 would be OK but would prefer the latest 3 if available. Is there a date for when the 3 will support an OpenPGP interface?
As of now there already is an alpha firmware available, which comes with an OpenPGP smartcard. We are currently working on releasing it into stable, but this will take some more time (~months) until it will be available.
I have a message from Solokeys that says you are partnering with them and that after you develop OpgnPGP support that it will be backported to the Solo V2. Can you confirm any of this?
Solokeys and Nitrokey are together developing Trussed, thus any Trussed-App (like opcard-rs for OpenPGPCard support) can be integrated into either product with limited efforts. Means, yes I can confirm that this is possible, but I cannot tell if or when this will happen.

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