Nitrokey 3 Firmware Update 1.0.4

Today, we released a new firmware update 1.0.4 for the Nitrokey 3. This update brings the following changes:

  • Improved stability on Windows 10: The Nitrokey 3 works more reliably for Windows 10 users.
  • Improved compatibility with OpenSSH: If you use OpenSSH with resident keys, you can now retrieve the stored keys with `ssh-add -K`.
  • Consistent LED behavior: The LED behavior has been changed to match the behavior of the Nitrokey FIDO2 devices. This makes it easier to distinguish the LED signals. The new behavior is:
    • The LED is off by default.
    • When connecting the Nitrokey 3, the LED blinks white once.
    • If the user has to confirm an operation by touching the Nitrokey 3's touch button, the LED blinks white until the button is pressed or the operation timed out.

For information on installing the firmware update on your Nitrokey 3, see the instructions at



Hi, when pre-ordered nitrokey 3A NFC will be send?
yes, this is progressing quite good, we'll waiting for last confirmations, please wait until next Friday (5.8.) - there will be a blog post about this then.
Great news and thank you for the great work. Even with FIDO2 one can do a lot, such as OpenSSH, WebAuthn etc. Looking forward to the next releases
What about Nitrokey 3C NFC ? Any timeline ?
Hey, nothing ready to be published, yet. Struggling with the case timing & production - will try to include it into the next update this Friday.

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