NW750: Mobile Privacy Router With Tor

We are pleased to introduce to you the NitroWall NW750. The NitroWall NW750 is not just an ordinary mobile Internet router, but offers unique data protection functions.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot

NitroWall securely connects your smartphone or laptop to the Internet - on the move, at home and in the office via LTE/4G, WiFi, Ethernet and USB.

Anonymous, Private Surfing

Anonymous, private surfing using integrated Tor without additional software installation. Your data is routed via a network of several Tor servers, thus anonymizing the data flow.

Random Device IDs

Do you want to use alternating SIM cards for maximum anonymity? This alone is not enough - you can only achieve anonymity if the device IDs also change. The device IDs of the NitroWall IMEI, BSSID and MAC are random and can be changed without restriction to prevent the device from being tracked (e.g. by IMSI catchers).

Secure VPN Access

Internet access via integrated VPN (e.g. WireGuard, OpenVPN) transmits your data securely encrypted and protects against local eavesdropping and manipulation.

DNS Encryption

The interception and manipulation of Internet addresses (DNS) by man-in-the-middle attacks is prevented by DNS over TLS (DoT).

Full Control Through Open Source, OpenWrt

The powerful OpenWrt is open source and allows full control of all network configurations.

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Looks interesting, but why not 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6e/7 as technology evolved? How many simultaneous users it supports and what is ~ battery life? Thanks!
Yes, we'd also prefer more recent technologies, but these are usually not trivial to find with open-source in mind. The usage time is up to 8h, realistic heavy use scenarios will have ~5-6h. The amount of users is for sure limited, we haven't verified upper limits, but this is clear a "personal" device not aimed for rooms of people. Although this mainly depends on usage intensity - but a handful of users should be no problem - performance will for sure degrade above this.

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