New: NitroPC Pro 2 - secure, modern Workstation

We have modernized our NitroPC Pro and are now offering the new NitroPC Pro 2 with the latest 14th generation Intel processor. The NitroPC Pro 2 is the workstation for high security and performance requirements. With up to 6 GHz CPU, fast DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0, the NitroPC Pro 2 is also suitable for performance-hungry applications. The open source firmware Dasharo Coreboot ensures high transparency and security and thus avoids backdoors and security gaps in the firmware. The device is certified for the highly secure Qubes OS and is supplied with either Qubes OS or Ubuntu Linux. Carefully selected components ensure high performance, stability and durability. The NitroPC Pro 2 is now available with a limited time introductory discount of 10%.

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Does it include HEADS?
Not yet, it's currently worked on, first versions are available, we'll announce once it is available - I expect some more weeks...

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