Heads Firmware With Tamper Detection for NitroPC Pro 2

The NitroPC Pro 2 is now also available with Dasharo Heads firmware. This enables tamper detection through the unique Measured Boot.

Thanks to the combination of the open source solutions Dasharo, Coreboot, Heads and Nitrokey USB hardware, you can check whether your PC has been tampered with during transportation or in your absence (so-called Evil Maid Attack). The integrity of the TPM, firmware and operating system is checked using a separate Nitrokey USB key. Simply connect your Nitrokey to the NitroPC during the boot process and a green LED on the Nitrokey indicates that your NitroPC has not been tampered with. However, if the LED lights up red, this indicates tampering.

Dasharo with TianoCore is still offered as an alternative to Heads. This is a fast and easy-to-use UEFI that enables the use of Windows.

You can buy the powerful NitroPC Pro 2 in our online store.

Existing systems can be upgraded from TianoCore to Heads.


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