Now Available: NitroPad NV41 - With 10% Introductory Discount

As promised, we now have the new NitroPad NV41 in stock. From now on the notebook can be ordered with 10% introductory discount in our online store. The NitroPad NV41 is the most secure and newest NitroPad in the practical 14" format.


  • One of the most secure laptops in the world
  • Current Intel processor Core i5 or i7 of the 12th generation
  • 14" screen
  • Numerous, high-quality keyboard layouts (no stickers)
  • Tamper detection through Measured Boot
  • Deactivated Intel Management Engine
  • Pre-installed Ubuntu Linux with hard disk encryption
  • Pre-installed Qubes OS for highest security requirements
  • Windows compatible
  • Security-conscious, sealed shipping

Get 10% Introductory Discount Now!



Neither of your newest Laptops nor your new PC in currently listest as certified for QubesOS by the developers. Will this change in the future?
Hey silver, the NV41 we sell is the same hardware as the one certified by QubesOS. Further the PC is a direct successor of the DDR4 variant (it's the DDR5) variant that is listed there.

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