New: NitroPhone 4/Pro With 7 Years of Software Updates, Android 14, New Exploit Protection

The new NitroPhone 4 and NitroPhone 4 Pro offer significantly improved protection against remote exploitation via hardware memory tagging. This is made possible by the new Tensor G3 CPU and is one of the greatest security features in years, which hardly any other device offers. The smartphones ship with the new Android 14 and receive up to 7 years of software updates for the first time, which means an excellent price per time.

Other advantages:

  • Open source offers full transparency and prevents built-in backdoors
  • Modern hardware, modern software and lightning-fast security updates
  • Easy to use and full Android compatibility
  • Optional: Absolutely secure, thanks to physically removed microphones and sensors
  • Suitable for enterprise use (MDM, availability)

Only available for a short time with 10% introductory discount.

Buy NitroPhone 4/Pro Now!



Isn't this something that the Graphene OS team implemented? Let's give them credit here and not just re-appropriate their features as Nitrokey's.
We are an Open-Source company, selling nearly exclusively Open-Source products - documenting in product announcements who was involved might be not only daunting, but most likely also next to impossible - we also never hide the fact that we are selling Open-Source products. This article describes functionalities not their creators - the parts we do, are as objectively described as the ones originating from other parties.

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