New: NitroPad NS70 With 17" Screen

Our new NitroPad NS70 with a 17" screen has recently become available. The laptop is particularly suitable as a workstation for people and activities that require a large screen. Of course, the NitroPad NS70 offers the same security as our other laptops.


  • One of the most secure laptops in the world
  • Latest Intel processor Core i5 or i7 of the 12th generation
  • Large 17" screen
  • Numerous, high-quality keyboard layouts (no stickers)
  • Tamper detection through Measured Boot
  • Deactivated Intel Management Engine
  • Pre-installed Ubuntu Linux with hard disk encryption
  • Pre-installed Qubes OS for the highest security requirements
  • Windows compatible
  • Security-conscious, sealed shipping

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hallo, kann man die bestellungen vor ort bar bezahlen?
Ja, kann man aber nur passend und in bar - bitte einen Termin ausmachen.

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