Give Away Security: 10% Discount on NitroPhones and NitroTablet

Christmas is the time for presents. Time to make yourself, your loved ones or your team happy. Our gift idea: Security! That's why Nitrokey is giving you a 10% discount on all NitroPhones and the NitroTablet until 24th December. The most secure Android on the planet!

The NitroPhones and NitroTablet offer security, privacy and ease of use. Up to 7 years of software updates guarantee sustainability and an excellent price-performance ratio. Both are based on the high-quality Pixel hardware and GrapheneOS, the most hardened Android for professional requirements. Gain full control over your smartphone and tablet without Google and Apple!

To get your NitroPhone and NitroTablet delivered in Germany on time for Christmas, we recommend ordering by 10th December. For international deliveries, the shipping time and customs clearance may vary significantly.

Give security as a Christmas present with a 10% discount on NitroPhones and NitroTablet! From now until 12/24/2023 in our shop.



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