NitroPhone - Most Secure Android on the Planet

We are very excited to introduce the NitroPhone! The NitroPhone combines security, privacy and ease of use with modern hardware. It is based on the high-quality Pixel 4a and GrapheneOS, the most hardened Android for professionals. Gain full control of your smartphone without Google and Apple! The NitroPhone is now available in the online shop.
"If I were configuring a smartphone today, I'd use DanielMicay's GrapheneOS as the base operating system. I'd desolder the microphones." Edward Snowden

Physical Tamper Protection

  • Strong encryption and Titan M security chip protects your device and data against sophisticated physical attacks.
  • Verified boot ensures that your operating system has not been modified.
  • Automatic kill switch: Automatically reboot after inactivity of configured time period.
  • PIN layout scrambling, together with privacy screen (not included), allow entering PIN in public without being watched. Alternatively: integrated fingerprint sensor.

Protection From Spyware and Zero-Day Exploits

  • Substantially hardened Android OS for high security demands (e.g. hardened stock apps, libc, malloc, compiler toolchain, kernel, filesystem access, WebView).
  • All apps are sandboxed to protect against exploitable and malicious apps.
  • Hardened browser, WebView and PDF viewer.
  • Lightning fast distribution of security updates.
  • Protection against over-the-air exploits by isolating the baseband radio processor using IOMMU and optional LTE-only mode to significantly reduce cellular radio attack surface.
  • Optional: Physical removal of all microphones. A headset can be connected for voice communication.

Privacy Protection: No Tracking, No Google

  • No cloud or Google Play Services integration by default, all under your control. If required, original Google Play Services can be installed as sandboxed apps without special privileges. This novel approach leads to much better compatibility than incomplete reimplementations like microG while providing higher security. Note: This is work-in-progress and some apps may not work as expected.
  • Tracking protection: Apps can't access device IMEI and serial numbers, SIM card serial numbers, subscriber ID, MAC address etc.
  • Per-connection MAC randomization prevents tracking by nearby WiFi scanners.
  • Firewall: Granular network and sensors permissions (e.g. GPS) toggle for each app.
  • Default Indicators for active camera, microphone, and location.

Easy Usability for Everybody

  • No bloatware. Minimal secure system with few apps by default. Additional apps can be installed manually; updates have to be confirmed.
  • End-to-end encrypted automatic backups to USB drive or to any cloud storage (e.g. Nextcloud).

Open Source and Attestation

  • Open source allows verifying absence of backdoors.
  • Remote attestation: hardware-based verification of the authenticity and integrity of phone's software.

Who Needs NitroPhone?

  • Professionals who need a secure smartphone for sensitive data and communication.
  • People who want to use a privacy-friendly smartphone (without Google, without Apple).
  • Companies who want to provide their employees a secure smartphone.
  • Journalists, activists and NGOs who need to protect themselves and their contacts.


The hardware is a high-quality Google Pixel 4a, black, 128 GB storage.
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • 147.6 mm (5.81"), 1080 x 2340 pixel, full-screen display with punch-hole front camera
  • Rear camera: dual pixel technology with 12.2 MP
  • Processor (CPU): Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, Octa-core
  • Titan M security chip
  • Ports: USB-C, 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Dimensions: 144 x 69.4 x 8.2 mm
  • Weight: 143 g

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Why Google Pixel Smartphone?

  • Unlike most other devices, Pixel smartphones include a Titan M secure element that enables Verified Boot.
  • Pixel smartphones are supported by Android by default, so security updates can be distributed quickly.
  • Pixel smartphones allow installation of custom software such as GrapheneOS. Ironically, this makes them some of the best hardware for Google-free smartphones.

Comparison With e.g. LineageOS, CalyxOS, /e/

LineageOS, CalyxOS, /e/ and other Android distributions essentially rely on the standard Android which only comes with its own selection of apps. GrapheneOS, on the other hand, is an elaborately hardened Android and should therefore be seen as its own operating system. In addition, security updates are often provided late by the distributions mentioned at the beginning.

Comparison With Linux Phones

Establishing Linux for smartphones as a third ecosystem alongside iOS and Android is a promising goal. In addition to thousands of existing applications, user freedom, transparency and security, the usability on both smartphones and large screens is compelling. Unfortunately, "Linux for Smartphones" is not yet mature enough for most users. In order to offer our customers a professionally usable, stable and secure smartphone, we have chosen GrapheneOS.


Hallo meissner, sorry habe wohl ein paar Schreibfehler hinterlassen. Also es geht hier nicht um Fragen, denn die haben sich zu diesem Thema bestimmt schon Millionen gestellt - sondern um Antworten. Mir ist es ehrlich gesagt egal was für Rechte Nitrokey vom derzeitigen Lizenzinhaber übertragen bekommen hat oder auch nicht.... Für eine Kaufentscheidung benötige ich folgende Angaben:
  • 1. Ich brauche die Daten der maximalen Support-Dauer von euren Geräten.
  • 2. Ihr könnt mir doch bestimmt sagen, in wieweit eine generelle Manipulation der Sicherheitsstruktur durch Closed-Source Kernel oder Firmware Updates, von Nitrokey ausgeschlossen und... wenn auftretend, erkannt werden.
  • 3. Ich brauche einen Skalenwert von 1 bis 10 bezüglich der Daten-Sicherheit und deren Schutz auf euren Geräten.
Ich bin zu einem bestimmten Mehrwert/ Aufpreis bereit, wenn das Paket als solches schlüssig ist. Danke für die Informationen
  • 1. Das hängt davon ab wie lange es von Google Support/Sicherheits-Updates für die Hardware (Pixel 4a) gibt, diese läuft bis August 2023.
  • 2. Durch die Attestation App von GrapheneOS kann man das (für das System selbst) verifizieren, siehe hier:
  • 3. Das ist leider als absolutes Maß kaum auf eine Zahl eindampfbar. Das hängt von deinem individuellen "Threat-Szenario" ab, also "vor was soll das Gerät genau schützen." Prinzipiell kann man Google vollständig vom Gerät fern halten, das hat bereits starke Implikationen auf die "Datensicherheit". Aber man kann natürlich immernoch eine "böse" App installieren davon kann einen das NitroPhone nicht beschützen.
Insbesondere Punkt 3 ist enorm kompliziert und wie angedeutet kaum allgemein zu beantworten, ich empfehle sich selbst zu informieren über die Vorteile eines GrapheneOS und für sich selbst abzuschätzen, ob das einem genug oder nicht genug ist.


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