Nitrokey Turns 5! Roadmap For 2020

Time flies. This week five years ago, Nitrokey was incorporated. Although our roots reach back to 2008 when the non-profit open source project "Crypto Stick" was started, 2015 marked the year of entering the business world. The mission: building the best open source hardware security keys on the market, enabling data encryption, user authentication and key management.

When the company Nitrokey was founded in Berlin in 2015, we couldn't predict the future, of course. Today, we're proud of what we've achieved: Almost 10,000 happy customers and many of those enterprise customers. A five-figure number of Nitrokeys produced and shipped. Partnerships like those with Nextcloud, Gentoo Foundation, and The Linux Foundation allow us to contribute to the security of the general IT and open source landscape. This is motivation and responsibility for us at the same time to continue our mission of securing everyone's digital life by building open and secure hardware.

Crypto StickCrypto Stick from ca. 2009

Now looking ahead, exciting times are coming. Let's have a look at our roadmap for 2020 and beyond. Here's what you can expect:

  • Nitrokey FIDO2 device with NFC and USB-C interfaces
  • Merging FIDO2 capabilities with those of Nitrokey Start (OpenPGP Card), including a touch button
  • A 19" networked HSM server
  • Secure messaging service based on Matrix
  • Enabling the usage of Nitrokey's secure key store for in-browser web apps to enable strong encryption use cases
  • Physical data media destruction service (shredding)

Beyond the above, we have some more ideas on how to evolve our product portfolio, but we don't commit to any specific roadmap or release date yet:

  • Merging FIDO2 capabilities with those of Nitrokey Pro and Nitrokey Storage, including a touch button
  • A general-purpose secure server with Coreboot and Heads preinstalled, Measured Boot, deactivated Intel ME
  • Nitrokey with Bluetooth interface
  • Mini Nitrokey which fits into a USB-A port
  • Nitrokey Storage with higher performance

We'd like to thank you for supporting us on our mission to secure your digital life. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or other feedback, please let us know. We're happy to have you as a community with us!

Have a great 2020!



Happy birthday! May all your (encrypted) wishes come true.
Didn't find information about Nitrokey Storage 2 changes in Roadmap for 2020?
We have an improvement of Nitrokey Storage in the roadmap but not in 2020 because it's a large task which we may not realize this year. Please stay tuned.
Happy Birthday Nitrokey!! Live long and prosper.
Are there plans for a pro key with fido2? You mentioned something in the comments of this post:
Absolutely. This point got lost in the post. Now just updated.
Congrats to your 5 yrs ! Your roadmap for 2020 already looks like a big challenge ! Nevertheless I would like to add one idea: I am looking for a single HW key that could support multiple personalities - a mixture like the Pro v2 and HSM v2, where I could use a set of 3 RCA keys (A, S, En) for one email personality, but multiple sets in the same key for multiple email/nick names/ ID's And of course I am looking forward to more How-to's :D
Wie sieht es mit der Unterstützung von OpenGPG Smart Card 3.4 in Zukunft aus?
Ja, Nitrokeys mit der OpenPGP Card 3.4 werden wir in den nächsten Monaten anbieten. Welches Feature der 3.4 genau interessiert Dich?
Wenn ich die Specs richtig verstanden habe, bringt OpenGPG SC 3.4 Unterstützung für ECC Keys, da bisher nur RSA ging?
Nein. ECC wird seit OpenPGP Card 3.0 unterstützt.
"Zusammenbringen der FIDO2-Fähigkeiten mit denen des Nitrokey Pro und Nitrokey Storage, inklusive Touchbutton" Top! Da warte ich schon drauf. Pro 3? Gibt es schon einen Zeithorizont wann das soweit ist?
Gibt's noch nicht.

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