Nitrokey Storage is Available

We are very proud to announce the availability of the long anticipated Nitrokey Storage. From now on the new Nitrokey Storage can be ordered in our online shop.

The Nitrokey Storage is our new flagship device with exciting new features:

  • Up to 64 GB hardware-encrypted storage to carry your files with you securely
  • The first hardware worldwide with hidden storage allows users to plausibly deny the existence of additional encrypted data (e.g. during border controls)
  • One-time passwords for secure login on the web
  • Secure key storage for encryption of emails, hard disks and files
  • 100% open-source and open hardware. No backdoors for intelligence services.
  • Secure firmware updates enable future improvements

Secure your digital life and order your Nitrokey Storage now.



Hello, this looks impressive. Is there comparison table of this new storage keys vs old Pro stick?

Yes, there is a comparison table! Please open our frontpage and scroll down.

Why you didn't include U2F support on such a Masterpiece?

Because of technical constrains. We will add U2F to future revisions of Nitrokey Pro and Storage.

Do you have a release date or some estimate when it's going to be available?

For U2F support, not yet.

Do you at least have an idea of the timescale? Will it take some months or several years? In the first case, I'd be willing to wait...

We aim for 2017.

Is the key physically labeled "Nitrokey Storage"? If yes, then the "hidden encrypted storage" is not that much hidden.

The point is, a hidden volume doesn't exist by default and it's technically impossible to tell if a hidden volume has been setup or not (without knowing the dedicated password).

Is the encrypted flash storage chip tamper-resistant too or is it simply placed on-board together with the tamper-resistant smart card chip?

The chip performing the AES operations is not particularly tamper resistant. But the AES keys are always stored in the tamper-resistant smart card. See the manual.

Will there be USB3 or higher support in 2017?


Planned at least? Or directly USB3.1?

Our next hardware release may be 5 times faster but USB 2 is still sufficient for this. Therefore we don't plan for USB 3.

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