When will Nitrokey Storage be available?

As the founder of Nitrokey I am very proud of what we have managed to achieve so far with our four new Nitrokey models. But the hard work is not yet over, and we are already working towards our next goal: Nitrokey Storage

Nitrokey Storage with Encrypted Mass Storage

Our team is currently working hard to develop the Nitrokey Storage. This new model contains all the features of Nitrokey Pro, as well as encrypted mass storage (up to 64GB) and hidden volumes to store encrypted files so that their existence can’t be proved.

Now it’s time to speed up the development of Nitrokey Storage. We will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign, but will only be able to reach our crowdfunding goals with the support of a large, strong community. That’s why we need YOU! Invite your friends, colleagues and families and help us to build our community, and you will be rewarded.

New Rewards: Nitrokey Start for free!

If your friends subscribe you will receive:

  • 4 friends: € 5 discount
  • 8 friends: € 10 discount
  • 12 friends: Nitrokey U2F worth € 19
  • 16 friends: Nitrokey Start worth € 35

Take action!

  1. Open launch.nitrokey.com and enter your email address.
  2. Get your personalised link and send it to your friends via email and social media.
  3. Get your reward (see above)

So when will Nitrokey Storage become available?

As soon as we have built a sufficiently large community we will launch the crowdfunding campaign and the Nitrokey Storage will be available a few weeks later.



What are the anticipated specs of the Nitrokey Storage (e.g. USB version, USB plug(s), planned sizes)? Will it double as traditional Nitrokey or will it merely have the storage functionality but nothing else?

USB 2.0; standard A plug; storage capacity of max. 64 GB; physical size will be a bit larger than the Nitrokey Pro; It will have the same features as Nitrokey Pro plus the encrypted mass storage.


is There any chance to implement USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0 ? I image to copy 64 GB via USB 2.0 is nothing anybody is willing to accept. (Beside some Geeks who understand the importance of an trustable Open Soucre Crypto Stick, and even those would like to have USB 3.0 speed ;-)

I think most people would prefer USB3.0 (speed and plug).
Are there any reasons based on security to stay on USB2.0?
Best wishes,

The reason for USB 2.0 is that the bottleneck is not the interface but the encryption processor of the device. USB 3 wouldn't make it faster.

An acceptable tradeoff as far as I'm concerned.

But the ecryption/decryption is a seperate step from copying, isn't it? I have to wait for the decryption, but after that the undecrypted storage works like a plain USB stick. In that manner I suspect that USB 3.0 could speed-up the copying operation.

The data is encrypted/decrypted on the fly. So no copying. Hence USB 3 wouldn't be faster.

Will it support unlocking without special software, for example by creating a key.txt file on a visible small partition?

We had such feature implemented before but it turned out to be not reliable. Now you need our Nitrokey App in order to unlock and administrate the device. However, it should relatively easy to reactivate the file-based interface. But it's nothing we are planning for. Which use case do you have in mind?

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