Nitrokey Is Now Available For Order!

After a slight delay we are pleased to announce that Nitrokey Pro, Nitrokey HSM, Nitrokey U2F and Nitrokey Start are now available. (In response to user feedback we have decided to go with the name Nitrokey Start instead of the previously-announced Nitrokey Light.) All products can be ordered now in our online shop.


Buy in our Online Shop


In an earlier announced we described the available models in detail. You can find an overview table with more technical details on our front page (scroll down).



when will nitrokey storage be out? I Would like a 32-64 gigabyte version of it. :)

We don't know yet. In order to support it's development, please help us to grow our network and get a Nitrokey for free.

well when will the fundraising for the nitrokey come to crowdsupply?

We don't have a date yet. Before starting the campaign, we are working on expanding our network. Please help by convincing your friends and colleagues to sign up for our newsletter.

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