Crypto Stick Storage ("version 2") Available as Beta

A Crypto Stick equipped with encryted mass storage has long been desired. After 3 years of development we are excited to announce a public beta test of the Crypto Stick Storage (earlier called "version 2"). Orders are accepted until 9th May only!   


  • Hardware-encrypted 32 GB mass storage (AES-256). Read/write speed of up to 6 MB/s.
  • Hidden volumes and plausible deniability: In addition to the primary encrypted volume, users can create separate hidden encrypted volumes. Without the knowledge of the additional passphrase, the existence of the hidden volumes can't be proven. This enables users when under pressure to reveal the password of the primary encrypted volume but plausibly deny the existence of additional hidden volumes. The Crypto Stick Storage is the first hardware device in the world providing this feature.
  • One Time Passwords allow secure two-factor-authentication with Google, Dropbox, Tumblr, Amazon Web Service and many more websites compatible to Google Authenticator.
  • Secure key store for data and email encryption (e.g. GnuPG, OpenPGP, S/MIME), user authentication (e.g. SSH), document signing etc. based on the high-secure OpenPGP Card.
  • Works with Windows, Linux, MacOS X
  • 100% Open Source software and hardware; open interfaces for easy integration
  • Firmware updates can be applied easily


Security Details:

  • The device consists of 3 removabel hardware components:
    • A PCB with an Atmel AT32 microprocessor which stores the firmware, AES working keys (encrypted by the master key), and configurations.
    • A MicroSD card as mass storage. Class 10 is preferred for maxium speed.
    • The OpenPGP (smart) Card is PIN-protected and stores the AES master key and RSA keys. Special features will become standard in the next OpenPGP Card version.
  • The volumes are encrypted with AES-256. The AES working keys are encrypted with the AES master key which is stored in the smart card, to make its compromising almost impossible.
  • The mass storage is initialized with random values to prevent analysing the encrypted storage.
  • Up to 4 hidden encrypted volumes are supported. Each hidden volume is encrypted with an individual AES working key which is encryted with an individual password and the AES master key of the smart card.
  • The installed firmware can be exported to allow verifying its correctness and absence of backdoors.
  • Users can modify the firmware according to individual needs:
    • Open Source GPLv3 license
    • The firmware is written in "C"
    • JTAG interface available (in development mode only)
      All development tools are available as open source and for free

The offered device comes as a beta version and is not stable yet; it may contain errors. Included are access to free firmware updates (user-programmable), direct support by the developers, and the option to exchange the device for a final version for a discounted price. A subsequent final version will become available later during this year.

To cover the production costs and a small part of the development equipment we sell it for €149. Orders are accepted until 9th May only. Production will start right after. Delivery date is 27th June. Please help us to get the Crypto Stick Storage alive and order today!



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