We established the open-source project as Crypto Stick in August 2008 and has since then attracted many happy users and has gained a lot of positive feedback. It was our spare-time project in which we developed a hardware solution for us and for others to enable the secure usage of email encryption. Crypto Stick version 1.0 has been released on 27.12.2009. Version 1.2 followed on 21.04.2010 of which several hundred devices were manufactured and sold for non-profit.  Our users' feedback was so positive but also had high expectations that in late 2014 we decided to professionalize the project. At 1.1.2015 the project was renamed Nitrokey in order to reflect a new phase of the project: improved products, faster development, larger developer community and a better user experience. Nitrokey's mission is to provide the best open-source security key to protect the digital lives of its users.

Read this interview to learn more about the project.

Here is an early prototype of the casing.

Polymer gesso case sample

Nitrokey - Made in Berlin