Nitropad HEADS Firmware v2.4 Release

Today we have published a new firmware release for all Nitropad variants. Version 2.4 comes with numerous minor bug fixes and improved support for sleep modes. The following sleep modes are now supported:

  • NV41: Sleep mode S3 for Ubuntu and QubesOS
  • NS50/NS70: Sleep mode S0ix for Ubuntu. Sleep mode for QubesOS 4.1 is not supported.

With the NV41, NS50 and NS70, the integrated graphics can now be (better) utilized by the operating system, which can lead to noticeably less CPU load and longer battery life. In addition, the fans of these devices run more quietly, especially at lower loads.

The Nitropads NS50 and NS70 use the same firmware. The firmware files of future releases will be named differently, so this is also indicated by the naming. It is also worth mentioning that the firmware files will end with ".zip", the only accepted format in the future. However, we will continue to provide a ".npf" file for some releases to enable uncomplicated updates of older firmware versions.

For a more detailed description of the update process, please refer to our documentation.




Hi all, In order to update Heads from a firmware version <1.4 to a "-maximized" version, does one need to flash Heads manually or send the Nitropad in, as described here: Thanks in advance for clearing this up.

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