Nitrokey 3 Status Update

many envelopesShipments of the Nitrokey 3C NFCs are in full swing. The targeted production volume goal has not yet been reached yet, but we are steadily working our way through pre-orders. The challenge is reliable soldering of the USB-C connector in the Nitrokey. Accordingly, we are testing and verifying very carefully so that no Nitrokey 3C NFC is shipped with qualitative limitations. Unfortunately, this process is still quite time-consuming, but we are continuously optimizing it.



Given that you know the rate of defective units, how long will it take before all pre-orders are shipped?
Because the current production process is not ramped up yet, it's hard to estimate this. We will update here as soon as we know more.
So, any timeframe for delivery of an order dating back in 10/2021 ?
We are about to start 10/2021 with the next production batch in the coming days.
Meine erste Bestellung ist aus 10/2021, habe aber eine zweite in 05/2022 getätigt. Ihr könnt gerne beide zusammen verschicken, sobald 05/2022 zur Auslieferung ansteht.
Danke für die Info, muss aber um Verständnis bitten, dass wir auf diesem Wege keine Bestellmodalitäten bearbeiten können. Bitte einmal mit den SOxxxxxxx Nummern an shop (at) nitrokey (dot) com schreiben, dann können wir die Bestllungen entsprechend anpassen.
Thats useful to know! Would you be able to include which "batches" you are working on currently, and how long it will take you to get started on the next batch if you keep going at the same rate? Thanks!
Currently the batches are not predictable as we are improving the production process, once this settles we'll publish more precise estimations
Hi, have you considered publishing a time-plan so that people know when they can (roughly) expect their keys. Or something like next batch will be 10/2021 to 02/2022.
As mentioned in one of the other comments, due to optimizations within the production process we are struggling to predict this consistently, thus this is not possible without improving the process, which we are working on.
Sounds like you are only able to manufacture very small quantities and it will take several month to deliver all preorders. Reflow soldering should be process that can be mastered. Why is it taking so long to to get it going? In automotive industry we manage reliable high volume manufacturing of more complex parts. Please, offer conversion of orders to USB A variant and provide adaptor to ease demand. Thank you very much.
I'll take it as a compliment that you compare us to the automotive industry, but as you seem to have experience in this, you likely also know that not exclusively technical issues can delay such a process. We offer conversions and/or adapters, please write to shop (at) nitrokey (dot) com to modify your order or to get information about your options.
Can you tell anything about the current backlog and the productionrate? Maybe percentagewise because of competitive information? This can give the waiters a rough estimate about how long they have to wait.
Please, Providence an update in the delivery status.

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