Nitrokey 3 - Firmware Release

We are very pleased to announce that we have released a new firmware release version 1.6 for the Nitrokey 3, which comes with numerous improvements and enhancements. 

This release comes primarily with numerous corrections for some bugs. In particular, the FIDO2 functionality should now be more compatible than before, i.e. it should work with more services without any problems. For the Nitrokey 3A and 3C versions, a bug has been fixed that could cause the Nitrokey 3 to be recognized by the operating system only after more than 5 seconds; this should no longer happen with this release. The Password Safe is now also more flexible than before and will soon receive a more convenient access method via the Nitrokey App2.

Another test release will also follow in the next few days, which will make it possible to operate the OpenPGP Card completely on the SE050 Secure Element. It will be possible to configure the Nitrokey 3 so that either the current, software-only implementation is used - or alternatively the data is stored on the Secure Element. The new test firmware will of course also be announced here!






Trying to update the F/W on Windows, the NitrokeyApp is running for hours and is stuck at 33%. I don't know what to do
Looks like something interfered with the connection/communication. Please re-plug your Nitrokey 3 and re-try updating it.
Still waiting a update of the NitrokeyApp...
hey, yeah we are doing major steps currently, Qt6 support has just been merged, this means flatpak support will follow shortly + more password-safe functionality...
Any updates on availability for the type-C mini variant?
nope, sorry nothing to announce yet
Using Password Safe via CLI isn't particularly convenient. When I use the command "secrets add-password --password TEXT", it saves the password into the zsh/bash history. Consequently, I have to manually delete that entry each time. Is it possible to modify this tool so that it prompts for the password in a manner similar to how PIN input works? I'm on MacOS X and the Nitrokey App2 isn't available.
Hey Metal, good point, created a github issue for this - thanks for reporting.
Hi there, I'm on an old Mac with MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) that's still running fine. I have python 3.11 installed via homebrew as well as libusb. But every time I try to access the nitrokey3 (i have the USB-S version) through nitropy cli I get an "Segmentation fault: 11" or the message "Abort trap: 6" Anyone here with the same problem or someone with a hint to a solution ? Thanks in advance, best regards, Chris
As noone had any idea on the SegFault I encountered I found the following: my python3.11 was installed through homebrew. I now installed a python3.11.8 directly from with the provided installer. I was then able (using the erand long paths of this installation) to install pipx and pynitrokey using python3.11.8 and now it's working without errors. My problem obviously was a faulty installation of python3.11 from homebrew ...

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