Nitrokey 3 - Alpha Firmware Release

A new test version (alpha) of the Nitrokey 3 firmware is available: v1.3.0-alpha-20230320. This is a maintenance release, with no new features aside from those already mentioned in 1.3RC1, so you can still use version 1.3 to switch between the alpha and stable firmware for the Nitrokey 3.  

This is an alpha release and is not recommended for production use! It is very likely that features not yet included in the stable firmware will change in such a way that data will potentially be lost with an update. Please always have a backup for all data when running or updating a Nitrokey 3 with an alpha version.

The following features are available with this alpha firmware:

More details can be found in the release on Github.



Is it safe to use the OpenPGP on this firmware as long as I have a backup Nitrokey Pro card?
Yes, it is safe for now, but keep in mind that the user-data from OpenPGPCard will be deleted due a change in how things are saved/encrypted.
The 3A mini looks so tiny. Did you need to make any compromises to make it fit into such a small form factor?
The main difference is the missing NFC functionality, which has the big advantage that the nfc-antenna can be left out, which is quite some spared space. The touch sensor realization is also very different, which means additional space spared. Summarized the missing NFC is the only trade-off you have to accept as a user.

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