Nitrokey 3 Status Update

Nitrokey 3C NFC

Unfortunately the supply of PCBs for Nitrokey 3C NFC has been delayed by three weeks. Consequently we had to postpone the shipping of Nitrokey 3C NFC to week three of January 2023. Once the devices are available we will do our best to ship all pre-orders as soon as possible.



That is sad to hear, but nothing that can be done against it. A question though, the 3C NFC's casing was made the same as the regular USB-A variant, but how will the USB-C go into phones with cases, now that it is now unlikely going to fit. To elaborate what I mean, the YubiKey 5C NFC has the main part and then a thinner part, to which the USB-C plug is attached, making it possible to actually plug it in, even with larger phone cases. I can understand that the casing had to be changed if it did not meet your requirements for being physically strong enough against breakage and tampering, but this issue made it unfeasible for me to get the 3C at all now (To which I'm unsure as to how to proceed since getting the 3A with a A-to-C converter permanently attached to it should not be the intended usage (nor does it look good visually, plus the attached converter could get lost in such a case)
We have so far not observed issues with the changed case and USB-C phones with cases, can you point out such a case and be more precise with the phone model you are referring to ? Overall the USB-C connector obeys the USB-C specifications for connectors, thus under normal circumstances there should be no issues with connecting these.
I am not talking about the USB-C adapter itself (or it's specification), but rather the physical properties casing of the Nitrokey 3A that you decided to use on the 3C as well, the thick casing is likely to be blocked by smartphone cases, before the USB-C adapter could enter the phone's USB-C port, however for reference you can use Google Pixel 6 and the Spigen Liquid Air case. The Yubikey 5C NFC has a part of the key which is thinner, ensuring that it does not end up being blocked by a phone's case, wheras the Nitrokey 3C does not seem to have any such thing, and that is what my concern is about before I would consider purchasing one. (I prefer not to use NFC for OpenPGP/PIV/OATH, hence why I did not purchase a Nitrokey 3A instead) Apologies if the description may be insufficient, I cannot provide a better explanation, being limited to words.
Ok, understood. But I am not convinced that this is actually a problem, anyways taking this with me to test some thicker smartphone cases once we have the first batch available. If we find issues we'll publish them together with the next status update.
Alright, thanks for taking the time to respond so quickly, I hope you will not be facing more issues regarding supply (since this chip shortage is gonna take a while to solve, of course the US and EU are pumping millions into chip acts, but it might take at least half this decade before we'll see the other end of it), so far the development you've made on everything looks promising, I'll keep watch for any updates on your development, Good luck and enjoy your day!
I wonder (seeing the empty cases): Will they be glued at the border so that they can be opened easily, or will the be filled with some glue completely to make opening the case practically impossible? For Yubikeys it seems it's all solid duroplast (non-melting type, maybe acetone-proof, too).
Hey hey, no the case does not provide any means of physical protection. But its contents (e.g., the SE050 by itself, external flash is encrypted, etc. etc.) are resistant against physical tampering so opening the case does not compromise your data. Anyways we are also investigating other casings for the Nitrokey 3 to protect the device from this kind of tampering, but at this point we cannot share any details yet.
Hello, any update on the delivery date? We are now in week 3 of January...
There will be another update here on the blog the next days
Hallo, könntet ihr bittet mal ein Update zum Nitrokey 3C NFC geben? Vielen Dank. Viele Grüße
In Arbeit, kommt in Kürze!
Ich bin wirklich enttäuscht! Könntet Ihr bitte einen aktuellen Kommunikationsstand mitteilen? Mittlerweile warte ich seit einem Jahr und 5 Monaten auf den Key. Die Lieferzeit ist das eine, aber die Kunden nicht zu informieren und keine Updates zu geben finde ich wirklich unschön! Bitte haltet uns auf dem aktuellen Stand!
Hey Julia, wir achten darauf, dass es grob jeden Monat ein Status Update gibt, hast du die Artikel nach diesem hier gesehen? Januar Status Update und Februar Status Update. Kurz zusammengefasst: Es wird bereits ausgeliefert, aber leider hat unser Zulieferer Probleme bei der Produktion entsprechend sind die Auslieferungen einfach langsam aktuell. Wir arbeiten auch daran die Situation zu verbessern und werden sicher noch ein März Status Update veröffentlichen.

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