Nitrokey 3 Status Update

Nitrokey 3A NFC

As planned, all pre-orders were shipped in October and the Nitrokey 3A NFC is finally "in stock" and therefore immediately available for future orders.

Nitrokey 3C NFC

Production of the Nitrokey 3C NFC has started and we are sticking to the plan to ship it later this year. It is expected that we will need January to send all pre-orders.



Can you list or link the supported and till unsupported firmware-funktions on delivery-date?
As of today the stable firmware supports FIDO2 based on the W3C specifications. OpenPGPCard is currently available as alpha firmware for the NK3 Mini - there will be a new alpha release (hope this week), which will extend the support to the NK3A/NK3C and also provide RSA support. When this will be part of the official, stable firmware is hard to predict, at least some months - so there has been hopefully enough testing to release it as stable. OTP/PasswordSafe will also be soon available through the alpha firmware.
Wait! You have now delayed the delivery for over a year, consistently citing the case redevelopment and chip availability as the reason. And now you say that the software functions (which are largely independent of the chip) have also hardly developed any further in the meantime? I love the idea and the striving for the ideals of Nitrokey. But are they serious?
When can we expect an update with a new release of the beta firmware, including the support for the NK3A?
Hey, there is a release incoming, it is currently in internal testing, this means the signed binaries usable on production devices will be available within the next days.
This is really disappointing! NK3 after months of delay because of hardware shortage still doesn't provide any feature which isn't provided by the simplest FIDO2-only devices. My patience has reached a limit. I'll never buy any Nitrokey product before development is definitely completed and the product is available from stock.
I don't understand : I've had a Nitrokey 3C NFC (with incomplete features) for months now, how is it possible if the production just started ???
For more details please see the older Nitrokey 3 status updates, but in short: The casing has been revamped and this status refers to the Nitrokey 3C NFC production with this new casing.
"Production of the Nitrokey 3C NFC has started and we are sticking to the plan to ship it later this year. It is expected that we will need January to send all pre-orders." -> I understand that it's been waaaaay longer than anticipated, but let's not pretend it was always planned to ship in Jan 2023. At least that's definitely not what I understood when I ordered mine more than a year ago.
WHen will the Nitrokey 3C NFC be supported in the Nitrokey app? Why is it no longer possible to ask questions in reddit ? Its for "trusted members" only.
There will be a successor for the nitrokey-app for the Nitrokey 3s, but I cannot tell (yet) when this will be the released. For reddit, the subreddit wasn't under our control and the moderator seems to not be there anymore, we'll look into how we can revive the subreddit...
Hello NK Team, what timeline exists for the implementation of the still missing features of NK3 that are mentioned on the product page? Can we be sure to get these functionality before you change your mind and come up with a new generation of Nitrokeys so that the current sold items get unsupported before all features have been implemented ? I just bought a new NK3 which is currently only a FIDO2 which I wasn't aware of as it's not clearly stated on the product page. That's really disappointing as well is the documentation. My NK3 was delivered with FW1.04 and was recognized immedaiately on a new kali installation. so my first step was to ugrade the FW, BUT: I cannot find the obviously necessary prerequisite of the udev setup. My first try of upgrading ended with an error message. A re-run of the upgrade worked after I have setup the udev system. But proper documentation (not on github, but on your documentation website) would be paramount for such a product sold incompletely implemented. This mess makes me feel like I need to send the key back and wait for complete implementation and then buy a completely working key.
Hey Chris, there already is a Alpha Firmware with OpenPGP and OTP available and we are working on it to bring these features to the stable firmware, but this will for sure take some more time (talking about a "months" ballpark here) - we have clearly underestimated the efforts to fully stabilize these features, but we are trying hard to progress and will keep you updated on the progress as good and transparent as possible. Overall we see the Nitrokey 3 as a platform and we do not see any successor anytime soon, we even expect it to be available far longer than our last generation Nitrokeys (e.g., the Pro is now available for more than 5 years).

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