Nitrokey 3 Status Update

The first near-series production of the Nitrokey 3A Mini went well as far as we know today. There are still some tests to be done, i.e. the beta test phase is starting now. Work is also underway on "pynitrokey", which will be used to install firmware updates on the Nitrokey 3A Mini.

In parallel, the Nitrokey 3 firmware version 1.0.4 is in progress, which will soon be released as a release candidate and thus enter the final testing phase before release. This is primarily a maintenance release with some adjustments for the upcoming integration of the nRF52 into the Nitrokey 3 product family.

While a lot has already happened in the backend development regarding the Secure Element (SE050), the OpenPGP Card is now also in active development. There will be demos / test firmware for this in the near future, which we will certainly announce here.

Stay Secure
Your Nitrokey Team



Hi, is there any update for the 3A production date? Thanks, O.
Hey, nope sorry. We have not received a fully confirmed date for the batch, yet. We are working on it and will announce it here once we have a confirmed slot at our suppliers.

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