NextBox Release with Nextcloud 23

We are happy to announce that a NextBox update with Nextcloud 23 was rolled out. To be exact it is currently 23.0.5 and therefore an important step which brings some changes for the future.

Basically, we have implemented some changes in the background to deliver Nextcloud updates more regularly in the future. First and foremost, this is possible because Nextcloud now performs version jumps without user interaction, i.e. fully automated, as soon as we have released a new Nextcloud version. As a rule of thumb, NextBox will always be about one major version behind the latest Nextcloud version, since this is also usually the version marked as "production" by the Nextcloud organization.

A potentially major change in the future will be that NextBox should preferably create, manage and restore backups using the official Nextcloud App. This will make it possible to set up regular backups or incremental backups, as well as various other convenience features. Testing is still ongoing here, but we are cautiously optimistic that this will be the preferred backup method in the future.

Today you can already try out and use the app. Please refer to the official documentation if you want to try the app - later we will also add a less technical, NextBox-focused guide to our documentation. If further testing shows no problems, we will start marking the old backup functionality as "obsolete" for now and disable it. Don't worry, the latter won't happen suddenly, so all users can prepare for it.

Stay Safe
Your Nitrokey Team



On trying tonight to access my Nextbox, I get a screen with "Nextcloud will be updated to version 23.0.5"; then the only option is to click "Start update", which gives this error: "Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported." After which, I have a completely dysfunctional Nextbox. Not too happy here ...
Hey, sorry for that, this should clearly not happen, looks like your NextBox did not receive upgrades for a longer time and now Nextcloud complains about a too high (major) version jump. Please write to support(at)nitrokey(dot)com together with your OrderID (SOxxxxxxx) and we'll do our best to solve your issue.

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