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NitroPad X230 and T430 v1.4

23. March 2022 - 14:58
Main Changes
  • Coreboot version 4.13
  • Support QubesOS >= 4.1
  • Reduced Heads menu for non maximized images
Important Notes

For all operating systems except for QubesOS this firmware update is not necessary! Please be aware that installing this update will replace the graphical dialogues with text-only dialogues.

To update your existing Nitropad T430 or X230 use the .npf files only! If the .npf is not accepted by Heads, this means your Heads version is not 1.3.1, so either update to this version first or simply unzip the .npf file and use the .rom inside.

The -maximized images include a reduced ME and therefore the original, graphical HEADS menu. It is not possible to update your Nitropad from the running system using a -maximized image. If you try to update your Nitropad from a running system using a -maximized image, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR NITROPAD. The -maximized image must only be used with an external flasher device.

Please read the documentation for further details.


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