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  • We are pleased to introduce to you the NitroWall NW750. The NitroWall NW750 is not just an ordinary mobile Internet router, but offers unique data protection functions. Mobile WiFi Hotspot NitroWall securely connects your smartphone or laptop to the Internet - on the move, at home and in the office via LTE/4G, WiFi, Ethernet and USB.
    28 May 2024
  • We are pleased to announce that we have reached a new milestone in the development of the Nitrokey 3. With the latest firmware version 1.7, the integrated secure element is now used for the secure storage of cryptographic keys.
    13 May 2024
  • The NitroPC Pro 2 is now also available with Dasharo Heads firmware. This enables tamper detection through the unique Measured Boot.
    22 April 2024