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  • Our new NitroPad NS70 with a 17" screen has recently become available. The laptop is particularly suitable as a workstation for people and activities that require a large screen. Of course, the NitroPad NS70 offers the same security as our other laptops. Advantages
    19 December 2023
  • Christmas is the time for presents. Time to make yourself, your loved ones or your team happy. Our gift idea: Security! That's why Nitrokey is giving you a 10% discount on all NitroPhones and the NitroTablet until 24th December. The most secure Android on the planet!
    05 December 2023
  • After 8 years of development, we are excited to release NetHSM, the first fully open source Hardware Security Module (HSM). The professional 19" device securely stores and manages cryptographic keys and can be used e.g. for TLS keys of web servers, for DNSSEC, PKI, CA and blockchains. NetHSM is easy to integrate and operate using a modern REST interface and modern software tools (e.g. PKCS#11, CLI).
    30 November 2023