New Nitrokey HSM 2 with RSA-4096, ECC-521, AES-256

We are excited to announce the long awaited Nitrokey HSM 2. Finally it supports highly secure cryptography with RSA-4096, ECC-521, AES-256, and SHA-512. Supported elliptic curves are: SECG / NIST P-192, P-256, P-521; Bitcoin Koblitz curve secp192k1, secp256k1, secp521k1; Brainpool 192-512. The storage capacity has been increased significantly to store 300x ECC/AES-256 keys, 150x ECC-521 keys, 19x RSA-4096 keys, or 38x RSA-2048 keys.

What Nitrokey HSM 2 is used for:

  • Operating PKI and CA
  • Fulfilling compliance requirements (e.g. PCI DSS)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and protecting your own products
  • Securely administrating servers with SSH
  • Encrypting emails

Have you read about the crypto exchange CEO who died and took company's only key to $137 million with him? Nitrokey HSM's m-of-n threshold scheme prevents such cases while protecting keys against bad key administrators at the same time. Stop putting your valuable keys at risk and order your Nitrokey HSM 2.

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Why didn't we release Nitrokey HSM 2 earlier?
The cryptographic computation is not implemented in software but in the embedded smart card. We had to wait for the vendor NXP to release a new chip (JavaCard) supporting these algorithms. This is also the reason why Curve25519 isn’t supported by Nitrokey HSM but by Nitrokey Start.


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