Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Shop and Delivery

    • How long does the shipping take?

      Letter and Registered Mail:

      • Germany: 2-5 business days
      • EU: 5-10 business days
      • World wide: 2-3 weeks


      • Germany: 1-3 business days
      • EU: 2-5 business days
      • World wide: 5-10 business days
    • Pricing and VAT

      The Nitrokey GmbH has a heterogeneous customer base, private and enterprise customers, from Germany as well as inside and outside of the EU. With the pricing we want to ensure that all customers pay a uniform rate. For example, a large international corporation should pay just as much as a German private customer. Accordingly, the gross price (incl. VAT) for German private customers equals the net price (excluding VAT) for all customers outside of the EU. This approach has been audited and is legally correct.

    • How is the Bitcoin exchange rate calculated?

      At the time of ordering, our system takes the exchange rate from and adds 10% on top of it. The 10% are for our handling fees (exchanging Bitcoins back to Euro) and for the risk implicated by floating exchange rate.

    • Returning goods

      To return a goods (e.g. Nitrokey):

      1. In case of a hardware defect, you can contact us and we will send you a shipping label.
      2. Pack the device in an air cushion envelope (not in an ordinary envelope!).
      3. Include the delivery slip or printout of the invoice with the shipment.
      4. Add a note of the reason for the return, e.g. "Withdrawal of the purchase" or "Exchange due to defect". It is sufficient to note the reason in handwriting on the enclosed invoice or delivery note.
      5. Address the mailing to our address.