• 14 mars 2023, 8 Comments
    We are happy to announce that a new firmware for the Nitrokey 3 is now available. The version 1.3RC1 is a release candidate and will not be delivered via the automatic update with pynitrokey. Since many things are changing with this version we decided to release a release candidate first to make sure there are no problems.
  • 08 mars 2023, 0 Comments
    New work. Quite a buzzword lately, right? But what does it actually mean? For our team at Nitrokey, new work means a combination of several things.
  • 28 février 2023, 7 Comments
    We have released a new test version of Nitrokey 3 firmware v1.2.2-alpha.20230224. This version contains mostly bug fixes compared to the last alpha version. These are among others: OpenPGP Card
  • 28 février 2023, 18 Comments
    So far, we have produced and shipped a few hundred Nitrokey 3C NFC (i.e. the ones with the USB-C connector). However, production has not yet ramped up as we had originally planned. This is because there are still problems soldering the USB-C connector reliably. To fix this, we have already improved the production process in several iterations. We expect to be able to solve the problem in the next few weeks and then ramp up production.
  • 23 janvier 2023, 27 Comments
    We have received the first Nitrokey 3C NFC from the current production batch. We will start the delivery tomorrow. Production capacity is ramping up slower than expected, so it will probably take until the end of February to ship all pre-orders. After that, the Nitrokey 3C NFC will be available to order directly from our online store without waiting.
  • 23 décembre 2022, 9 Comments
    Recently, the topic of FIDO2 has gained attention in IT media and in the general perception. The bottom line, however, is that we are unfortunately still not at a point where we can work without passwords on a large scale - just as we imagine the future of authentication. There is no doubt that FIDO2 is on the right track, but there is still a lot to do for all parties involved.
  • 14 décembre 2022, 13 Comments
    Nitrokey 3C NFC Unfortunately the supply of PCBs for Nitrokey 3C NFC has been delayed by three weeks. Consequently we had to postpone the shipping of Nitrokey 3C NFC to week three of January 2023. Once the devices are available we will do our best to ship all pre-orders as soon as possible.
  • Nitrokey 3A NFC
    06 décembre 2022, 27 Comments
    We have now released a new alpha version 20221130 of the firmware for now all Nitrokey 3 models. Future alpha versions will be available centrally in the Nitrokey 3 firmware repository.
  • Nitrokey 3 family
    16 novembre 2022, 13 Comments
    Nitrokey 3A NFC As planned, all pre-orders were shipped in October and the Nitrokey 3A NFC is finally "in stock" and therefore immediately available for future orders. Nitrokey 3C NFC Production of the Nitrokey 3C NFC has started and we are sticking to the plan to ship it later this year. It is expected that we will need January to send all pre-orders.
  • 13 octobre 2022, 27 Comments
    OpenPGP is an open standard to encrypt, decrypt and sign documents, files and emails, which is mostly used with GnuPG. Storing cryptographic keys on a smart card such as the OpenPGP Card enables users to securely and conveniently use the same key across multiple devices. In case the device is lost, cryptographic keys remain securely in the device and can't be extracted.