Update Firmware of Nitrokey Storage

Download the Latest Firmware

Download firmware from here and uncompress the ZIP-archive which contains a .hex file.

Firmware Upgrade

WARNING: Version 0.45 destroys all encrypted data! You should backup all data from the device before upgrading!

  1. Set Nitrokey Storage into upgrade mode using the Nitrokey App
  2. For pre-0.7 firmware versions only: Reconnect the Nitrokey Storage
  3. Install dfu-programmer on your computer
  4. Open a terminal (DOS-style command prompt). On Linux the following commands need to be executed as root (sudo).
  5. Execute "dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s erase"
  6. Execute "dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s flash --suppress-bootloader-mem <HEXFILE>"
  7. Execute "dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s launch"

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