Update Firmware of Nitrokey Storage

WARNING: You should backup all data from the device before upgrading, as firmware upgrades may destroy all data on the device (especially coming from firmware version <0.45)!

Required Software

Download the Nitrokey App and the Nitrokey Update Tool. The Nitrokey Update Tool is currently available for macOS and Windows only. For Updating on GNU/Linux please see below.

Download the Latest Firmware

Download the latest firmware .hex file from here. Older releases are here.

Enable Firmware Update

If you are using Microsoft Windows Build 1809 and Nitrokey Storage Firmware 0.52 or lower, you need to use another system or if this is not feasible use these instructions to enable the Firmware Update mode.

Set Nitrokey Storage into upgrade mode using the Nitrokey App. This may looks different on your system (see picture below). Generally right click on the icon of the Nitrokey App and go to "Configure" -> "Enable Firmware Update". The default firmware password is '12345678'.
Please note: The Nitrokey is not detected by App anymore once update mode got activated. You have to proceed with the instructions described below to make it work again.

activate firmware update

Update the Firmware with the Update Tool

Now start the previously download Nitrokey Update Tool. After clicking left on "Select firmware file" you can choose the previously downloaded .hex file. Please left click on "Update firmware" to start the update process. Your device should get detected by the Nitrokey App again as soon as the update is finished.

Update the Firmware on GNU/Linux

As the Update Tool is currently only readily build for macOS and Windows, GNU/Linux users should use the following instructions.

Basically you need both, the Nitrokey App and the program "dfu-programmer". The Nitrokey App can be found here, dfu-programmer should be available through your package-manager, e.g. apt-get update && apt-get install dfu-programmer on Debian-based systems.

Please enable Firmware Update mode as described above through the Nitrokey App. Afterwards, open a terminal and type in the following three commands:

sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s erase
sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s flash --suppress-bootloader-mem firmware.hex
sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s launch # versions <0.7 of dfu-programmer use "start" instead of "launch"

whereas "firmware.hex" is the file you have downloaded before as described above. "at32uc3a3256s" is the name of the controller in the Nitrokey that dfu-programmer should use.